Everyone Needs A Tutu

And you can find some wonderful ones in my friend Mary’s shop on etsy


I have one waiting to be opened for Ace’s birthday and another in the works for Emi’s.

They are super sweet and so is Mary. I should know we have been friends for almost 30years.



2 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Tutu

  1. Hello Jo Ann!!!  I hope everyone’s health is better today!  Praying and trusting for complete healing, restoration, strength and happiness around your home again!  i have been keeping up periodically with your blog when i get a report from you in my inbox at gmail.com.  You really are a “bright spot” for me and i am just continually thankful our paths crossed on Xanga many many years ago.  I have read about and seen you go through some pretty amazing and difficult things as I have been experiencing some of those in the last 2 years and think often of you.  That you might/must know what i am going through and you make it through or have it seems so gracefully. Thank you!  And blessings!  I need to check Xanga more often but now we are too busy with http://www.mmerge.blogspot.com and MMerge Inc. on Facebook.  thanks for continuing to write and be an encouragement to me even though your times don’t feel good at times.  i just spoke briefly with Steve and Melinda Spinks the other day and thought of you :)!!!  Are you and Jorry still up north?  i know he was looking for work last time i checked in….we have been jobless for awhile too but things are starting to look up.  Myra@mmerge.org

  2. @myraj – you just blessed my socks off! Thank you. 🙂 Jorry has started his own landscaping business and so far so good. I’m going to add your blog to my rss feed and look for you on FB.

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