The Illness Chronicles Day 215

Ok so it is really just day 4 but it might as well be day 215 for all the yuckiness that we are dealing with.

I am cautiously going to say that I am feeling better. I have not run a fever since getting up at 6am. I also feel like my chest is not as tight.

Z is still pretty congested but she slept well last night and when she woke this morning her cough was not croupy and was actually what I would consider productive.

Emi is running fever…103 being the highest it has reached at this point. She also has the cough that I have.

Ace is fine so far and so are the bigs. I am praying they all stay healthy.


3 thoughts on “The Illness Chronicles Day 215

  1. I’ll cautiously say I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.I can’t remember how we left it, but I’m going to assume we are NOT getting together this week….  Get plenty of rest!  If you need something, call me!

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