And another one joins team Sickie

Ace joins team sickie today. She woke up running a fever and hacking like the rest of us. She also added throwing up to the mix.

Jorry started with the tight chest feeling last night but texted me to say that he is doing well so far. He is doing zicam and tylenol cold and flu meds. He is on schedule for finishing this job he is working on and can’t afford to get sick like I have been.

No fever so far for me. I did that yesterday though. No fever until about 1pm and then I had one the rest of the day and into the night.

The littles and I are going to see a nurse practitioner today.

Emi has large tonsils and I don’t want her to have issues with her airway.

Z still has a cough and is probably fine but since we will be there I am going to have her lungs listened to as well.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!


3 thoughts on “And another one joins team Sickie

  1. Sorry to hear you’re all fighting the flu. My youngest had it (I think it was N1H1) and it was two weeks before she was completely recovered; she never had the bad cough, thankfully. Sending prayers your way.

  2. @LivingInWilloughby – The Nurse practioner that we saw today said that some people are having a lingering tiredness even after the fever is gone. They swabbed Emi’s nose and it came back Influenza A and while they aren’t testing for H1N1 specifically any longer she said that 85-90% of the cases are H1N1. When their fevers are down you can’t tell they are sick until they start coughing. Thanks for the prayers!@dcart – Thank you! The quicker the better.

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