Ahhhhh December

The absolute fastest month in the entire year. The rest of the year drags by but December? December moves by like a freight train with a driver that just drank a Monster drink. but this blog isn’t about December just yet. I have been a bad blogger and have not posted in a while. I went looking for a new home for this blog, thinking maybe I need a change. So far I haven’t found anything that I like more than here.

So I need to back track to November and the earliest part of this month to share with you some birthday goings on.

First up is SiSi. She turned 11 this year! Her request for her birthday was bowling. Request granted! I loaded up the 5 kids, 20 or so cupcakes, a few large bags of candy and my debit card and away we went.

100_0268.jpg 100_0270.jpg 100_0272.jpg 100_0274.jpg 100_0275.jpg 100_0276.jpg




100_0297.jpg 100_0298.jpg


I love that smile. It comes from the bottom of her toes and spills out through her eyes.

100_0300.jpg 100_0302.jpg

Next up is Ace. Can you believe that she is 3?? That means this blog is now 3yo. That’s another post. Onto the wonderful world of 3!

100_0071.jpg 100_0072.jpg 100_0073.jpg 100_0074.jpg 100_0076.jpg



100_0083.jpg 100_0082.jpg  








And there it is, the slipping away of the babyness and the ushering in of the little girl.

Ace and I share a birthday. Thanks to her I am forever 32 years old. See, when you have a baby on your birthday then you automatically get to be that age for the rest of your life! Isn’t that awesome?? Makes you want to have a baby on your birthday doesn’t it? No? Maybe just a little? 😉

My wonderful husband did get me a new camera for my birthday and I got to have Applebee’s take out for supper that night. And lest you think that is a bummy thing, that I should have gotten to go out for my birthday, let me assure you that it was not. I celebrated my day with the ones that fill my life and we didn’t have to get anyone ready to go out.