The Beat of My Heart


Can you hear the pace at which my heart is beating? It’s not quite as fast as a hummingbirds but the closer we get to our appointment with the ENT the faster it gets.

She that sweet little one there? She is supposed to have surgery to remove her tonsils and adnoids. It will be her second surgery in her life. The first one was for dental reasons before she was even 2yo. It resulted in a scary night at home, a trip to the ER and an overnight stay in which she had more steroids in her system than I would have liked. Of course the result of not having them was not one I wanted to experience.

Her throat swelled to the point that she was having trouble breathing. She had a reaction to something. They don’t know what.

I try to not to think about the what ifs. I am trying to pray through this but I keep feeling uneasy. I am praying that tomorrow after talking with the surgeon I will feel better. I am praying I can be proactive and that he will hear our requests and honor them. I am praying that they will carefully review her medical records so they can make an informed decision.

I am praying that all will be well. I must be at peace with this before we move forward. This isn’t just a simple procedure. I know they do this everyday but they don’t do it everyday with MY child.

Please pray that we will be heard and respected.

Please pray that we will know what to do and be at peace.

This mama’s heart is about to beat out of her chest. 




2 thoughts on “The Beat of My Heart

  1. This mama’s heart will be praying. My littlest had three surgeries before she was 18 mos. I still can’t recall them to memory without getting that feeling of losing control, not being able to touch her. She was and is fine, but we mamas carry it with us. Blessings.

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