Following my Instinct

When I had our first daughter I was just 20 years old. Very clueless and so not in tune with my mama intuition. There are times when I regret not being able to hear that voice in my heart that said that something was not alright. In the past years though, my voice of intuition has become stronger. I can hear it very well most days but sometimes, like yesterday, it gets stifled a bit because I second guess myself.

Our appointment went well. The doctor was nice, answered all of our questions, but did one thing that bothered me. He didn’t find it as necessary as I did to get Emi’s medical records from her previous surgery and her hospital stay. He made a guess at what the problem might have been. We left with a folder of information about surgery and the promise of a call from the scheduling nurse of when our surgery date will be.

Fast forward to this morning at 3am when I am awoken by something from a dream. Immediately I know that I needed to request that her medical records be obtained and reviewed by the doctor and the anesthesiologist. No doubt my mama intuition was screaming loud and clear.

Yes, I should have persisted yesterday. I had already stated clearly that we were refusing any versed prior to surgery and requested that she be held for 24hr observation following surgery. I just didn’t push the records issue like I should have. So, today I will call and make those arrangements. I will advocate for my daughter and I will not ignore my intuition. It’s there for a reason.

Thank you for the prayers and support!


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