Unschooling in our House (ATM)*

*ATM= At the moment

For the last few minutes Emi and Ashlyn have been going through an animal encyclopedia discovering all kinds of cool animals. The book came out as a result of them watching a Diego episode where he helps save a whale shark.

We have looked up a couple of different types of birds. One in particular was the penduline tit. We discovered that they make really cool nests. We talked about Eurasia and looked at pictures of how the land mass looks from space. I told Emi that like the penduline tit, other birds build different types of nests. She found some pictures in the book and remarked “You’re right mom different birds do build different nests.” We learned that the fairy wren from Austrailia is a cooperative bird. When the babies are born older siblings help and even other birds that live near by.

Earlier in our day SiSi picked out books on Amelia Earhart. She became interested in learning more about her after watching Night At the Museum 2. Aly checked out a couple of more books about Marilyn Monroe. This has been her interest for a while.

Ashlyn helped me clean up a bit even earlier in the day. Z has continued her parrot talent and has repeated words today such as “smoothie” and “bed(bread)”. Her favorite thing is to climb up in anyone’s empty lap and say very loudly and directly in your face “EAD” which translates “READ”

And various other things that have happened today include but are not limited to

baking pretend cakes

playing with horses…sound effects included

jumping on the bed

building walls with building blocks


sibling fighting/sibling resolutions

playing with gnomes

finger puppet plays

watching a series on the Science channel called Build it Bigger(really cool!)

and if I am really lucky, when I get off of the computer I can add sewing to this list.

Unschooling ROCKS!!!

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