Rhythm..where for art thou?

I am trying to create a rhythm in our home. The littles really need one and I know it will help our days flow a lot better. And yes, I have talked about this before and it never happened. I am praying that this is the year of rhythm.

 I have created a craft/project envelope. Both the girls love to do crafts and ask for one almost every day. So I am spending Sunday afternoon finding simple, fun crafts for them to work on. My first goal is to find things that we can do with supplies on hand. If I do have to make a purchase than I make sure it is in the budget. If not, I move on to something else. Then I do all the precutting or whatever else needs to be done ahead so our craft can move smoothly. See, if I try to do it on the fly we all wind up frustrated and you really don’t want to see the non-cool side of our crafting…it ain’t pretty.

One of my favorite resources for finding awesome crafts and projects of all kinds is The Crafty Crow. There you will find wonderful ideas posted almost daily: as well as archives to pull ideas from as well. Fair warning though, you will find a lot more blogs to add to your list of must reads. I also follow Wee Folk Art for wonderful ideas. Last week we made the stained glass hearts Kimara shared on her blog.





100_1269.jpg 100_1268.jpg  



 Each grandparent will receive one this week in their Grandparent Envelope. More on that project later.

So, on our list of to do this week,thanks to The Crafty Crow, are:

Painted Paper Doilies from 4 Crazy Kings

Torn Paper Hearts from Mama Bears Cub House

Water Color Initials from Blissfully Domestic

And this last one is one I have in my own head

Water Color resist note cards. I plan on drawing heart of different sizes in white crayon on some cardstock note cards.Then the girls will use water colors to paint the cards. They will get a surprise when the hearts show up as they paint!

There are only four projects this week because Tuesday we have friends coming to play and Thursday we are out at our homeschool co-op all day.

Wish me luck! I really want to bring some peace to our home. J



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