Rhythm and John Taylor Gatto

We have been doing pretty well in the rhythm department with a couple of side tracks here and there. It is definitely a work in progress and something that is going to have to be tweaked and adjusted. I have more craft pictures to post but will wait until after we to today’s which was supposed to be yesterday’s.

Next week I get to hear John Taylor Gatto Speak!! I am sooo excited. I have wanted to hear him ever since we started unschooling. Everything he says is something I feel like standing up and saying AMEN! to. Don’t worry though I will restrain myself. 😉

So here are a few quotes that I found on this page.


“…‘How will they learn to read?’ you ask, and my answer is ‘Remember the lessons of Massachusetts.’ When children are given whole lives instead of age-graded ones in cellblocks, they learn to read, write, and do arithmetic with ease, if those things make sense in the kind of life that unfolds around them.”

– John Taylor Gatto



“Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your road map through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die.”

 – John Taylor Gatto


“By preventing a free market in education, a handful of social engineers – backed by the industries that profit from compulsory schooling: teacher colleges, textbook publishers, materials suppliers, et al. – has ensured that most of our children will not have an education, even though they may be thoroughly schooled.”

 – John Taylor Gatto


And one that I found from his acceptance speech for being selected as the New York State Teacher of the Year.



It is absurd and anti-life to be part of a system that compels you to listen to a stranger reading poetry when you want to learn to construct buildings, or to sit with a stranger discussing the construction of buildings when you want to read poetry.


Rhthym Experiment Day 1

 I am proud of my first day of working to establish a rhythm. We had breakfast, cleaned up, did the craft, kids played while I cleared the craft stuff, had lunch,cleaned up, more play time,supper, clean up, playing,bath time, bedtime routine.

We had fewer meltdowns yesterday and a better connection between myself and the girls. I can see how this will be a really good thing. The predictability really helps with transitions.

We did our first craft yesterday, Torn paper hearts. It was a sticky project and Ace was not very fond of that. We kept a wet cloth nearby for the sticky hands. Because of the aversion to stickiness our hearts didn’t turn out as full as the ones on the blog but they had fun and that was what was important.



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