Rhthym Experiment Day 1

 I am proud of my first day of working to establish a rhythm. We had breakfast, cleaned up, did the craft, kids played while I cleared the craft stuff, had lunch,cleaned up, more play time,supper, clean up, playing,bath time, bedtime routine.

We had fewer meltdowns yesterday and a better connection between myself and the girls. I can see how this will be a really good thing. The predictability really helps with transitions.

We did our first craft yesterday, Torn paper hearts. It was a sticky project and Ace was not very fond of that. We kept a wet cloth nearby for the sticky hands. Because of the aversion to stickiness our hearts didn’t turn out as full as the ones on the blog but they had fun and that was what was important.



100_1320.jpg 100_1321.jpg






2 thoughts on “Rhthym Experiment Day 1

  1. Awww!!! I LOVE these pics and…SURPRISE! I LOVE RHYTHM!!! If you lived near me I would hire you to come do crafts with my kids once a week! 😀 Actually, my Abby makes us all do crafts regularly…sometimes against our will! :-/ Hooray for fewer meltdowns!!! 😀

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