Playing catch up still

 I’m still playing catch up with my blogging. I have a lot of pictures that have stories but I have not felt very motivated to post.

This winter Emily wanted to have a lemonade stand. My first reaction was to explain that it was too cold for a lemonade stand and that she would be hard pressed to find any customers. Then I decided that we could just set up a lemonade stand IN the house. One of the benefits of having a large family is having access to a loyal customer base. I mean they are related to you and trapped inside as well. How are they going to refuse a cute 5yo peddling homemade lemonade?

So she made lemonade and set up shop er stand.










Now that it is summer we are going to try this outside so she can expand her clientel.









5 thoughts on “Playing catch up still

  1. @bethro78 – I saw one today and was going to stop but I had a van full of kids. I am the same way though…if I see them I stop. 🙂 Oh and is baby #5 a boy as well? If so you are my gender opposite when it comes to kids! LOL

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