My Friend Lori

is THAT mom

(since you can’t post I will)…..Lori is THAT mom..

-the one that takes her girls to gymnastics practice after gymnastics practice and uses her time to work at the gym so that her girls can follow their passion.

-the one that travels to every football game that her son is in and records it and works on stats to help off set costs just so her son can follow his passion.

-the one that has driven all her older children from here to the ends of the earth so they could see friends, go to a job interview, get to work, come home from work.

-the one that has baked and cleaned endlessly for three open houses so far.

-the mom that enjoys having someone go with her when she grocery shops.

-the one that has stood up for her oldest when others have attacked her unfairly.

-the one that goes to the park when it’s cold for 3hours straight so her kids can play with friends even though it means that no matter how many layers she wears she is going to be cold.

-the one that loves her kids unconditionally and has let them learn in freedom and be who they are no matter what others think.

-the unschooling mom of 7 who inspires this unschooling mom of 5 with all that she does and is doing for her family.

She is THAT mom and so much more.

I am THAT mom

I am THAT mom. The one that:

takes her older girls to Walmart 3 or more times a week just because they want to.

said no today when she should have said yes.

is working on saying yes instead of no.

watches horror movies with her older girls even though they creep me out.

will fix 3 different snacks at snack time and serve them in a home made tent in my bedroom.

goes to the library to hang out for hours so my 11yo can have some quiet time out of the house.

turns up the radio and sings out loud with the kids.

refrains from dancing in my seat while driving so I don’t embarrass my teen.

yells and wants to quit.

is working on healing damage done in the past.

is lucky to have kids who have helped me to see that life is too short for needless rules and fears.

I’m late to the game on this impromptu blog carnival but I wanted to post. I learned about it from Heather .