To Do List

Today’s entry is brought to you by the tornado that went through my house yesterday, the day before, the day before that and well, you get the idea.

The following list covers today and tomorrow.

1. Make yogurt in the crock pot—DONE

2. Get supper in the crock pot(different than the one with yogurt in it)-DONE

3. Wash all sheets and towels

4. Sweep and mop kitchen floor—-DONE

5. Put fabric in new storage bag

6. Switch littles clothes from summer to fall/winter

7. Run the dishwasher for 1st load—DONE

8. Put away all clean clothes

9. Start laundry for me, husband and littles

10. Burn finger on the crock pot(not really a to do but it happened)—-DONE

11. Sweep and mop laundry room floor

12. Clean living room—-DONE

13. Vacuum living room—-DONE

14. Clean master bath

15. Scrub main bath tub—-DONE

16. Clean bedroom

17. KNIT some—-DONE

18. Use the rest of the milk to make uncanned condensed soup from this book

19. Collapse in exhaustion.

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