To Do Day Two

Yesterday went pretty well until about 2pm and then I wish I could just erase the day and fill it in with a much better day. It wasn’t horrible just well, not great. So today is a new day and in spite of the afternoon yesterday I did get some things checked off my list.

The one I am most proud of…..

1. Make yogurt in the crock pot—DONE

Yay me!!! It acutally worked. At 12:45 last night I cautiously dipped a spoon into what started as a half gallon of whole milk to find that I had yogurt!!! For roughly $3 I go two 32oz containers of plain yogurt. That is less than half of what I would pay for it at the store.

Today I will pick up a new ice tray so I can freeze some of it to use as starts for the next batches. This great tip came from El at Fast Grow the Weeds

Supper would have been a success if everyone could have waited to eat until 10pm. Apparently plugging in the slow cooker is a good idea when you want it to cook the food. I had actually plugged in the can opener which does nothing in the way of cooking the food in the slow cooker.

So cue the mission impossible music(I actually used to have that as my ring tone)

1. Wash all sheets and towels–only two loads left—-DONE

2. Sweep kitchen floor—-

3. Put fabric in new storage bag—DONE–paid the 5yo to do this.

4. Switch littles clothes from summer to fall/winter—in process

5. Run the dishwasher for 1st load—DONE

6. Put away all clean clothes—-DONE

7. Start laundry for me, husband and—in process

8. Sweep and mop laundry room floor

9. Vacuum living room

10. Clean master bath

11.. Clean bedroom—-DONE

12. KNIT some

13. Use the rest of the milk to make uncanned condensed soup from this book

14. Collapse in exhaustion.

6 thoughts on “To Do Day Two

  1. Yay, you!My list yesterday was simply … do a load of laundry & get thru the day.  That’s the bad thing about going away for the weekend… it takes me too long to recover.

  2. @JourneyOf7 – Yes, going away always messes things up for me. I am trying to get all of this done because we are going away(me and the girls). I want things in order and caught up so I can 1. Pack easily and 2. Not have all that I bring back plus what I left to tackle when I get back.

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