Update on our Fab Five

Since it is the beginning of a new year I thought I would get back to blogging with an update post on the girls. I hope to be a better blogger this year since I have discovered that I do have family members that read here. J

I will start with the youngest and work my way up to the oldest, just to mix things up a bit. 😉


Miss Z

  •  Loves to watch Cailou
  •   Likes to throw the wet clothes into the dryer
  •   Is a great jumper. She jumps on the bed, the couch, from one couch to another…you get the idea.
  •   Her favorite movie is Toy Story 3
  • She will sit and let you read to you forever or until your voice gives out.
  •   Sings her ABCs
  •   Loves to count things
  •  If she asks you for something and you say “surley” she will say “I not shirly.”
  • Wants to keep up with all of her big sisters.


  • Has been the only child in this house to cut her hair herself and it acutally turned out cute once I even it up in the back.
  •  Loves to jump off of everything. She may be a stunt woman one day. I think that would be really cool.
  •  Dresses, dresses and more dresses.
  •  Afore mentioned dresses are best if they spin
  •  Even better if the dress sparkles
  •   Favorite color is drum roll…………PINK!
  • Loves to paint
  • Asks every night before we go to bed “What are going to do tomorrow.”
  • Must be able to touch your skin when she sits next to you.
  • Taught herself to do a backbend.
  • Tells jokes  a lot.


  • Lost her bottom two teeth last month
  • Is anxiously awaiting for her top teeth to come in.
  •  Just learned to tie her shoes.
  • LOVES to craft
  • Is  copying words from books onto any piece of paper she can get
  • Signs her drawings and paintings. 
  •   Loves to be read to.
  • Loves to dance to country music videos
  • Adores her older sisters


  • Will be a teenager this year!
  • Is hard to find sometimes because she is either wearing a camo jacket or is wrapped up in her camo comforter.
  • Is a gamer that likes Sims and Virtual Villagers
  • Loves card games
  • Is now 4’10.5” and is super excited about that
  • LOVES Mt. Dew
  • Wants horses one day
  • Listens to country music
  • Is a U of Michigan fan
  • Is a faithful friend
  • Is reading the Percy Jackson series


  • Loves to watch Colbert, John Stewart and Bill O’Reilly
  • Has a great sense of justice
  • Is reading the Percy Jackson series and Mae West biographies
  •  Loves camo
  •  Wants horses one day
  •   Wants a truck
  •  Dyed her hair black
  • Loves country music
  • Still loves photography but on her terms
  • Is a faithful friend


And all of them challenge me, in a good way, to be a better mom and friend. I am grateful to them for all the joy, insight, and honesty they bring into my life. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for them.


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