Recycled Art

Yesterday the little girls and I made our first Valentines decoration.
Yes, it’s still January but I love to decorate for Valentines day. I’m not a jewelry person or care about flowers but I have lot of fun decorating for Valentines day.
I mean it is about love after all and what a better reminder than to have hearts all over your house??

When searching for things to do I came across a cool recycled project.

Here is what our process looked like

The view from our window while we worked

Icecream while we waited for the paint to dry

And then I lost the kids after the ice cream. Or rather they decided reenacting the Strawberry shortcake movie they watched the other day was better than gluing on painted egg carton pieces.

So I finished things up

And then I learned what happens when you forget to put the bottle of acrylic paint away.

So, find some valentines crafts to work on over the next few weeks, just be sure to put away the paint when you are done.


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