Yarn Along

Inspired by Ginny at Small Things

Yesterday I cast on and frogged the hat pattern I mentioned in last weeks yarn along post. Apparently that yarn did not want to be that hat. So today I think I have found an alternative pattern.
I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
The former hat had cables in it and while I have worked with cables before apparently my brain did not remember it as well as I thought. So, thankfully I had my stitch’n bitch book to refer to. I was lucky enough to receive it as a birthday gift from my friend Carol.
My other read, that arrived yesterday from my friend Dana, is Everyday Blessings
I wanted to borrow it from someone after finding a link to their list of “12 exercises for Mindful Parenting”; Dana was nice enough to gift me with a copy. 🙂 Not pictured is the third book in the Percy Jackson series. I finished the second book. I’m really enjoying reading these along with my 12yo. It is fun to discuss books with the child who used to cry “Not chapter books” when she was younger and I was reading to her older sister. She was never forced to listen…she just did not like the absence of pictures. And if she did not like chapter books still that would be fine…but I’m glad she does.

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. The last time I picked up yarn & needles to start a scarf, I did 3 rows TWICE & had to rip it out both times. I ended up w/ an extra stitch both times. Maybe that yarn just didn’t want to be that pattern (or… since I was sitting at the gym to work on it, I didn’t have enough concentration to do it right. ) I really, REALLY want to start knitting again… especially w/ babies on the way.

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