The theme at our house this week was laundry and beating it back to the depths from which it came. We were drowning and nearly naked and that is just not cool. Well, actually it would have been very cool since our temps are in the single digits these days. Anyway…I worked hard on all of this


And then I took our 12yo to the laundry mat to help her reset her laundry. It was the quickest way to get a fresh start.

This is what 8loads of laundry looks like compacted into 3 containers.

She wants one of these at our house

All done!

We had a lot of fun. While we waited for everything to be done we played a card game and then some bananagrams. We laughed, we joked, we discussed some serious things. She shared stuff, I shared stuff. Over laundry our friendship grew. We could have done all the laundry at home but we would have missed out on the time together. I’m very glad we went.


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