These Past Few Days

These past few days we have dealt with, and a couple are still dealing with, a stomach bug. It really hit SiSi hard. This was her spot for the better part of two days.

There was tower building.


Laughter between sisters.

TV viewing

A rare photo of the teen…sort of.

She was watching this:

(The Colbert Report for those who aren’t familiar)
*Correction, this is the John Stewart show. She does watch both.

Computer time.

Craft Time

And then there was much practicing of the art of camouflage.

Can you spot the 12yo that didn’t want to be photographed?

Oh and that is our dog Mazie….she’s a chicken dog and that is a whole other post.


7 thoughts on “These Past Few Days

  1. the tummy bug is no fun…our family just finished with it:) Hope it passes through quickly at your house…..and yup teens dont like pictures…that’s why there are mostly pics of the little kids on my blog:):)

  2. I saw the sewing machine too! Does that mean you got some sewing time in? Hope y’all are feeling better! I had it too this week, and I’m so glad to be on the other side of it now!

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