All Systems Go

As of 11:47am EST we still have power despite about a half inch of more of ice coating trees and power lines.

My husband got called out at 2am to go plow slush. I was very worried about him going out on the roads. I didn’t get to sleep until after 5am because I was so worried. I am very happy to say that he was fine and made it home safe and sound. He said the roads were still very bad and that the interstate on ramps were blocked by police so no one could get on.

Last night we spent time playing board games, computer games and games on the Wii. There was imaginary play, tv viewing and the occasional peak outside the window to see how much ice we had.

I kept my toes warm with my mismatched slipper socks.

And of course I knitted because nothing goes together better than an ice storm and knitting.


I ventured out this morning to take some pictures but quickly realized that that was an ER visit waiting to happen. So I zoomed in from my spot, prayed I didn’t fall and took two shots.

By 6pm tonight the wintry mix is supposed to start up again and this time wind will accompany it. Prayers that the power stays on are appreciated. I think I am going to bake cookies and make some crock pot sloppy joes while we still have power.

Have a fantastic day!


6 thoughts on “All Systems Go

  1. We’re still okay here, too. I don’t think we have as much ice as you. It took us almost an hour to get home from the gym last night. I was glad to leave when we did, for sure. Fortunately, we won’t have to go tonight as the gym is closed! YAY!!! John went to work this morning – against my wishes. We’re watching the funeral on TV, then I think Cam & I are going to go start cooking again.

  2. Thanks for your comments on the socks.  I am going to finish them up.  Is Sequence for kids fun??  My boys love “trying” to play the adult version and I have been debating on whether to buy the kids version or not.

  3. @andria –  The game is pretty fun. The girls like it a lot better than Sorry. I like that it is easy for non readers because they just have to find the animals that are on their card. Also, it goes pretty fast so we can play a bunch of times before they get tired of it.

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