I am a yeller. A talk through clenched teeth, tense my entire body, way too easily frustrated , go all cowboy talk mom. I don’t want to be that way. I have prayed about, talked about it with my kids, my husband, close friends. I can handle stressful situations outside my home with grace and calm. Why do I struggle so much inside my home where in all honesty, it matters the most? Where my kids are watching me and as much as I don’t like to admit it, are learning how to do the exact same thing.

I have seen the word breathe a lot on line lately. In people’s status on face book, in blogs, in articles, places I can’t even recall but know I read it. And then tonight I was catching up on some blogs that I follow and came across this post.

It was an ah ha moment. I am not a scientific person in the least. But something about the 90 seconds, the chemical reactions, the short cuts, the habits of our brains. It all just clicked and made sense.

I just have to wait 90seconds. A minute and a half. Half the time it takes to cook a package of ramen noodles(organic minded friends just forget you read that), the time it takes to warm water in the microwave for tea.

 90 short seconds to collect myself, BREATHE and be successful. 90 seconds to wait and show my girls how to be kind, gentle and dare I say it patient?

90 seconds…..I can do that. I can.


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  1. Its easier when other people are watching….its a pride thing:) But where noone sees is where it matters most…..that’s where God can give~if we ask for it~ that power to react in the right way!

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