Yesterday was H-U-M-I-D and reminded me of another reason why I stink at being southern….I can’t handle humidity. When you are doing nothing in the way of physical activity and your clothes are sticking to you it might be time to consider relocating.

I did endure it for a little bit so that Emi could get some practice learning how to ride her bike with out training wheels! She is doing great and is almost ready to take off without any assistance from anyone else. She did crash into the side of the van but she and her bike were both fine. The van is a 1999 Chrysler, one more ding is just going to add more character.

Ace has just started copying letters down onto paper. She brought me a piece just the other day and showed me her O and a B. She was super proud and I had a moment of realization that she is really fast approaching 5! She is a snuggler and will not allow anyone to leave the house without a hug and kiss.

Z is Z. She recently went through a phase of hiding on us and then not answering when we called. She thought it was great fun…..I was almost needing anxiety meds. It only took us 5kids to get the one kid that really keeps you hopping and causes you to have to be uber creative in your parenting.

SiSi is going to be a teen this year.  I have been calling her one for a year now anyway. She just seems older in a lot of ways. She loves horses and wants to work with them. I am hoping after we get back from a visit to the in laws that we can find a place for her to work in exchange for riding time.

Aly is now 16! She still loves photography but on her terms. In other words she doesn’t really feel comfortable taking pictures for other people at this stage of life.  I do feel special though because she takes pictures of the littles quite often.


I am blessed beyond words!

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  1. Would you believe I had my jacket on until about 4:30 yesterday? I took it off finally b/c I was comfortable, then got really hot right away. Wonderful summer weather! (Knitting a baby sweater probably helped warm me up too. )

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