All about Z

Three years ago we welcomed our 5th daughter into our family. Born at home after 17hours of labor Z arrived and captured all of hearts immediately.
We joke that it took us 5 kids to get THAT kid. You know, the one that runs from you at the grocery store, finds the eggs in the fridge you were sure you locked, climbs on top of the toilet and gets the toothpaste, does a number of other things in 2.3 seconds flat that you didn’t even know could be done that fast!

Her name means “Life Brings Joy” and she definitely does.

So long 2yo hello 3yo! We LOVE you to the moon and back.
(pic heavy)


Yarn Along and WW Weigh IN

Joining Ginny again over at Small Things for this week’s yarn along.

Progress! The heel is turned, the gusset done and now I am just working straight until I have 5″ done. Maybe I can post the finished project next week along with a newly cast on project. I finished the Persian Pickle Club. It was a short book but good. Now I am onto another Patricia Sprinkle book. This one is a mystery. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet. Again she has me intrigued just enough to keep me reading even though it moves slowly.

Now for my weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In.
Drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!

2lbs gone and my measurements went down! Definitely better than last week. I am hoping for at least a 1lb this week but will take more should that happen.

Yarn Along and Weight Watchers Check In

Joining Ginny at Small Things for this week’s Yarn Along.

The sock is still where it was last week. One row of the heel flap done with 20 more to go. Soooo not feeling the knitting these days which really bums me out.
I am however on my 3rd book of the summer and that is an amazing thing! I haven’t read this much in a long time. I think if I could read and knit at the same time that would be awesome. The book I am reading is actually a re-read. I first read this 9 years ago when I was making quilt tops for my oldest two girls. It’s a good quick read and since it has been so long since I read it it is practically all new to me. It is set in depression era Kansas and is centered around the lives of the women of a local quilting bee. A story of how they help each other get through the hard times and how they protect each other as well.

Now onto my weekly weight watchers check in.

EVERYTHING stayed the same.

I was hoping for a 2lb loss this week. I guess not. It bums me out since I worked out 4 days this week. 2 zumba classes, 5mile hike and a weight watchers kick boxing routine. I did have one day this week were I ate out of stress one time during that day. I really didn’t think it would prevent me from losing. So, I will buckle down again this week and really watch what it is that I am eating. My exercise plan is the same. I did Zumba last night. I am supposed to hike today but the heat may keep that from happening. Here’s to hoping I have a loss this next week!!


For the times when guilt tries to rear its ugly head.
For the times when a memory once buried finds its way to the surface.
For the days when my journey as a non-spanking,gentle,grace based parent seems all uphill.

“You did then what you knew how to do. When you knew better, you did better.” Maya Angelou

Yarn Along and a Weigh In

I am joining Ginny over at  Small Things for today’s yarn along.

Friday’s Daughter is the second Patricia Sprinkle book for me this summer. I read The Remember Box first. I am enjoying the book so far, although it is a bit slow. However, like the first book she has me hooked enough that I want to see how things turn out for the characters of the book.

I am “secretly knitting” slipper socks for all of the little girls. I have to knit in the open so I have told them that I am knitting for another mom. They should be surprised when they find them in their stockings. I bought the yarn(peace fleece) to knit sweaters but when it arrived it was just too itchy. With a thin sock on under the slipper sock the itchiness should not be a problem. This is my second pair. With one more to go I am hoping to knit the last pair two at a time. It will be a new knitting skill and I am excited to learn.

Ok, Weight Watchers weigh in:

1lb lost and my mini goal reached! I set another mini goal and hope to meet it even sooner than I did this last one.

All of my measurements stayed the same.

I was on vacation last week so I missed a weigh in report. I stayed they same while on vacation.

Last night was Zumba, tonight is my 5mile walk with friends, and tomorrow night is Zumba again. I hope to get a bike ride in on the weekend. I am shooting for at least a 2lb loss this week. We shall see!

Sexy is…..

walking into the living room and finding your husband putting a puzzle together with his 2yo.

coming out of the bedroom to hear your husband reloading the dishwasher after he unloaded it.

knowing that he will get up and head out to work in the blazing heat so I can stay home with our girls.

knowing that even if he has a bad day my girls will never know it by the way he interacts with them.

is the man I have been married to for almost 16 years and who has had my heart for almost 18years.