Yarn Along and a Weigh In

I am joining Ginny over at  Small Things for today’s yarn along.

Friday’s Daughter is the second Patricia Sprinkle book for me this summer. I read The Remember Box first. I am enjoying the book so far, although it is a bit slow. However, like the first book she has me hooked enough that I want to see how things turn out for the characters of the book.

I am “secretly knitting” slipper socks for all of the little girls. I have to knit in the open so I have told them that I am knitting for another mom. They should be surprised when they find them in their stockings. I bought the yarn(peace fleece) to knit sweaters but when it arrived it was just too itchy. With a thin sock on under the slipper sock the itchiness should not be a problem. This is my second pair. With one more to go I am hoping to knit the last pair two at a time. It will be a new knitting skill and I am excited to learn.

Ok, Weight Watchers weigh in:

1lb lost and my mini goal reached! I set another mini goal and hope to meet it even sooner than I did this last one.

All of my measurements stayed the same.

I was on vacation last week so I missed a weigh in report. I stayed they same while on vacation.

Last night was Zumba, tonight is my 5mile walk with friends, and tomorrow night is Zumba again. I hope to get a bike ride in on the weekend. I am shooting for at least a 2lb loss this week. We shall see!


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