Yarn Along and A Weigh In

Alrighty. This weeks yarn along is going to be missing a picture because I am just not with it this week. I am still working on the sock from last weeks post. And in true ADD knitter fashion I cast on for a fall hat for myself! It is just like the one in the picture but mine is a deep rusty red color. Hopefully I will get my act together and have a picture for next week’s post.

I would say that I am still reading the same Patricia Sprinkle book but that would mean I would have to actually READ it. I did pick up a book at the airport titled “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress” not too far into that one but I have already laughed quite a bit.

And now for the weekly weight watchers weigh in. I gained this week;2lbs. I was on vacation in the south…’nuff said. A new week starts today and my friends and I are going to have fabulous weather for our 5mile hike. Then there will be Zumba on Thursday and I will not be eating anything fried, or heavily doused in butter, or having a Pina Colada every night. 😉


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