Weight Watchers and a Challenge

I am still plugging along with my weight watchers. I haven’t tracked my food very well but I am still eating correct portions and getting plenty of calories. My exercise is back up to the 4x a week. After a vacation break if feels good to be back exercising. My weigh in today showed that I stayed the same. I had a 2lb loss last week so I am happy with that. I have to remind myself that muscle weighs more than fat. So far this week(beginning Monday) I have walked 8 miles with a Walk away the pounds video and have done one hour of Zumba.

Tomorrow starts the September Amp the Activity Challenge
Pick your track, 3miles, 4miles or 5miles daily, then do that number of miles everyday in Sept with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays. There are mini challenges for each day. Just something to boost the metabolism even more. There is a printable calendar at the bottom of the blog post. Print it out, hand it up and get ready to feel fit by the end of the month!!

If you join let me know. My cousin Karyn and I have accepted the challenge and would love to have other join us. Just comment to let me know.

Happy Walking Everyone!!!


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