Signing Day!

Today is the day we will get the keys to our new house! We will have our final walk through at 12:30pm and then onto the title office to sign our life away. 🙂 The plan is to drop our youngest three off at a friend’s house so they can play while we do all the “boring” things. After that we will pick up the kids, go grab a load of stuff, drop it off at our NEW house, have a picnic supper there and then head back to the old house.

I got a lot done yesterday. Our bedroom and living room are completely packed. The kitchen is at 90%. I have a lot of clean laundry to bust through this morning and tonight. I also have “clean the main bathroom” on my to do list. It looks like a science project in there!

I am off to tackle some of the a fore mentioned laundry while watching the Biggest Loser.  I am not sure if I will get to post tomorrow or not. We shall see. 🙂

Final Packing Day

Today is final packing day!!! We close on our new house tomorrow at 2pm. We have been renters since we moved away from Michigan in 2004. We have been in this house for the last 4.5 years. Tomorrow, and through the weekend, we will be moving our things into OUR home. It has been a long time coming and is definitely not something we expected to happen this year. Being self employed makes things all the harder when it comes to things like purchasing a home. Especially if you are still growing your business. We are so grateful to God that things have fallen into place and that this is actually happening!  Our family of seven will be moving from 1200sq ft(that is generous) into over 3,000sq ft.!!! <faint>

Much to do today. It will be crazy but, like a friend on Facebook said, it’s a happy kind of crazy. I hope to post pictures soon.


37 in my 37th Year

I turned 37 in November. Not a big deal birthday, just one step closer to 40, and one more step further away from 30. I have enjoyed my 30s. I had planned to be finished having children by my 30th birthday. Best laid plans of mice and men or something like that….I had Emily a month after I turned 30 and then came Ashlyn and Zoe. Thirty felt grown up finally. I feel like I am finding my groove as a gentle parent. Had a rough bump this past year with our unschooling but I feel like we are coming out of that and moving along just fine. I have seen a lot of growth in my 30s and I like what I have experienced for the most part.

So, when I turned 37 I thought it would be cool to make a list of 37 things that I wanted to do in my 37th year of life. I am not a risk taker. This list will not include things like skydiving or rock climbing. It will probably look pretty boring to those on the outside. It is simply a list of things that I want to accomplish this year. So, without further ado my 37 in 37 list in no particular order.

37 thing to do in my 37th year of life

1.Run a 5k (in training now)

2.Reach my goal weight of 120lbs

3.Participate in an archaeological dig

4. Take a hip hop dance class

5. Take a photography class

6. Take a trip with Grandma Marty

7.Knit a sweater for myself

8 .Open an Etsy shop

9. Journal everyday

10. Blog daily–Starting in Jan.

11.Watch the sunset on Lake Michigan

12. Learn to knit socks 2 at a time

13. Read 1 fiction book a month

14. Hike in every state park in Indiana

15. Visit 37 different covered bridges and take pictures

16. Enter a poetry contest

17. Finish my dining room chairs

18. Take an archery class

19. Take a yoga class

20. Finish my knitting needle case

21. Learn to shoot a gun

22. Run 100 miles by my 38th birthday(11 miles done so far)

23. Visit a state I have never been to

24. No unhealthy fast food

25. Take a weekend trip with my big girls

26. Get my photos printed and organized through 2011.

27. Go geocaching

28.  Decrease my yelling

29. Say yes more

30. Try once a month cooking

31. Go to a pow wow

31. Laugh more

32. Photograph myself more

33. Get a tatoo

34. Find and participate in 37 free things in and around our city.

35. Actually participate in the Handbook of Nature Study blog

36. Host a party at our house.

37. Live Out Loud