37 in my 37th Year

I turned 37 in November. Not a big deal birthday, just one step closer to 40, and one more step further away from 30. I have enjoyed my 30s. I had planned to be finished having children by my 30th birthday. Best laid plans of mice and men or something like that….I had Emily a month after I turned 30 and then came Ashlyn and Zoe. Thirty felt grown up finally. I feel like I am finding my groove as a gentle parent. Had a rough bump this past year with our unschooling but I feel like we are coming out of that and moving along just fine. I have seen a lot of growth in my 30s and I like what I have experienced for the most part.

So, when I turned 37 I thought it would be cool to make a list of 37 things that I wanted to do in my 37th year of life. I am not a risk taker. This list will not include things like skydiving or rock climbing. It will probably look pretty boring to those on the outside. It is simply a list of things that I want to accomplish this year. So, without further ado my 37 in 37 list in no particular order.

37 thing to do in my 37th year of life

1.Run a 5k (in training now)

2.Reach my goal weight of 120lbs

3.Participate in an archaeological dig

4. Take a hip hop dance class

5. Take a photography class

6. Take a trip with Grandma Marty

7.Knit a sweater for myself

8 .Open an Etsy shop

9. Journal everyday

10. Blog daily–Starting in Jan.

11.Watch the sunset on Lake Michigan

12. Learn to knit socks 2 at a time

13. Read 1 fiction book a month

14. Hike in every state park in Indiana

15. Visit 37 different covered bridges and take pictures

16. Enter a poetry contest

17. Finish my dining room chairs

18. Take an archery class

19. Take a yoga class

20. Finish my knitting needle case

21. Learn to shoot a gun

22. Run 100 miles by my 38th birthday(11 miles done so far)

23. Visit a state I have never been to

24. No unhealthy fast food

25. Take a weekend trip with my big girls

26. Get my photos printed and organized through 2011.

27. Go geocaching

28.  Decrease my yelling

29. Say yes more

30. Try once a month cooking

31. Go to a pow wow

31. Laugh more

32. Photograph myself more

33. Get a tatoo

34. Find and participate in 37 free things in and around our city.

35. Actually participate in the Handbook of Nature Study blog http://handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com/

36. Host a party at our house.

37. Live Out Loud


3 thoughts on “37 in my 37th Year

  1. Cool List! Not at all boring (to me anyway…but I’m probably boring….) 😉
    Let’s see:

    #7 is on my list for this winter; now that holiday knitting is done
    #12 I can teach you if you like – I’ve developed my own way that is super easy
    #18 Nic is taking an archery class in March…and maybe fencing
    #24 Awesome! I haven’t had fast food for about 18 months and never felt better
    #33 Me too! I have been noodling on what and where for a while now…do tell what you’re gonna get. 😉
    #35 love that book! It is a treasure trove that I get off the shelf constantly to answer questions…

    Now you’ve inspired me! I’m 46 and wondering if I could create such a list. Although my birthday is in June….hmmmmm. Maybe I’ll create a 12 in 2012 so that it is doable within a 12 month time frame.

    Looky-there, you have encouraged more mindfulness with your very first post.

    Enjoy your new home and your 37th year, lovely friend!

    • Thanks Mary! I would definitely love the knitting lesson. I’m not sure about my tatoo just yet….a quote, something with a tree or possibly a turtle…most likely on my foot. Can’t wait to talk about it over some hot tea with you. 🙂

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