Signing Day!

Today is the day we will get the keys to our new house! We will have our final walk through at 12:30pm and then onto the title office to sign our life away. 🙂 The plan is to drop our youngest three off at a friend’s house so they can play while we do all the “boring” things. After that we will pick up the kids, go grab a load of stuff, drop it off at our NEW house, have a picnic supper there and then head back to the old house.

I got a lot done yesterday. Our bedroom and living room are completely packed. The kitchen is at 90%. I have a lot of clean laundry to bust through this morning and tonight. I also have “clean the main bathroom” on my to do list. It looks like a science project in there!

I am off to tackle some of the a fore mentioned laundry while watching the Biggest Loser.  I am not sure if I will get to post tomorrow or not. We shall see. 🙂

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