From my NEW living room

Good morning! Today I am posting while sitting in our new living room. I should say family room because we have a separate living room. Any way, I am super excited that we now have internet access. We have my husbands laptop up and working but still need some kind of adapter thing for the desktop to work wirelessly. We also need a computer desk for it as well.

Moving has been stressful to say the least. You wouldn’t think it would be quite so bad since you are making a move of your choosing and it is into a bigger better space. Yet, there it is, stress following you around like a little lost puppy dog. On top of the moving stress I have the pressure of getting our old house ready to turn over to our landlords. I used to think that spring cleaning was overrated. After all the cleaning I have done so far and the cleaning I still have left to do I am thinking it is not as overrated as I once believed. I will be looking into Flylady or some kind of family binder system this next week so I can stay on top of things in the new space. Now, I know some are thinking bigger space= more work but honestly I think differently. Living in a small space meant there was no where for things to go when you wanted to do a deep clean. We were so cramped in that small house that the thought of moving everything to clean all the baseboards that were hidden was overwhelming. No excuse for some I am sure but it was one for me. With a larger space I won’t feel like taking on a deep cleaning task in each room will be such a challenge since I have space to move things and get to all the nooks and crannies.

I will be glad when the 15th comes so I can fully concentrate on our new house. The biggest project on the agenda is to paint the older girls rooms in the colors of their choice. So far I have one with brown and pink and the other with John Deer green, pink, and yellow. I hope to have a camera I can use so I can upload some pictures of that adventure. It ought to prove interesting. Next on the list I think will be to make a coffee table for the family room. I found this awesome idea on how to make one from pallets on pinterest. Can’t wait to get it done. It will act as the holding station for all the Wii games and accessories.

I was talking to my brother last night about pinterest and he said that friends of his were talking about how they are in Lowes more with their wives now than alone thanks to pinterest. I think that is pretty cool! I love the inspiration that I get there. I don’t just pin projects, or decorating ideas. I have a board for running, quotes, tattoos, etc. As visual as I am, pinterest is like a slice of heaven on earth. No more bookmarks for me. If I like I pin it.

So are you on pinterest? What types of boards do you have? Have you made anything you have pinned?  Put your own touch on a decorating idea you found? Know of any blogs that have you share what you have done? I think I will search and see and maybe share in another post.

I am pretty certain that I went from talking about stress to pinterest simply because pinterest is a great destresser for me. 🙂 Nothing like going to sleep inspired.