How the garden grows

It has been just over a week since we put our square foot garden in. I was convinced that I had planted the beans too far down and that we had over watered the carrots. I am happy to report that the beans are coming up and the carrots made their appearance yesterday.

So far so good with everything else. The squash had a leaf or two that started turning yellow to I fertilized today instead of waiting for the 2 week mark this weekend. I also harvested basil to add to a dish we had last Saturday.

I am enjoying the time watering my garden and checking for new signs of life every morning. I am usually alone unless you count our cat Jasmine that watches me from the patio.



Every princess needs a bag and crown

Last week I found this tutorial showing how to make a bag from a felted sweater. I have a plastic crate in my sewing room dedicated to all the good will sweaters I have felted with intentions of turning them into oh so awesome things. When I found the tut I knew I had the perfect sweater to use. It wasn’t one I was in love with so I figured it was worth a shot.

It turned out pretty nicely. I was even pleased with my first attempt at making roses from some scrap pieces of felted sweater.



The next day our 7yo Emi saw the bag and wanted to know if I could make one for her. It was a busy out of the day house so I had to say “not today but possibly tomorrow.” the next morning I surprised her with this felted sweater.


She was excited and of course pulling out the cutting Matt and cool cutting tools attracts your sister and of course dragons


We worked on the bag together and made it to the sewing machine quicker than I expected seeing as a couple of elephants showed up.







I promptly sewed the bottom of the bag wrong and spent the next 10min demonstrating my awesome seam ripping skills. When I finally got it right she was very happy.


And of course the other two wanted something too. Luckily for me I had 3 felt crowns pretty much all cut out and ready to be sewn together. They were meant to be a Christmas present but obviously that didn’t happen. So more sewing commenced and voila!






Weight Loss Journey

After weighing in one Jan. morning and seeing that I had gained back the weight I had lost last year I decided yet again to get off my butt and try to get back to a healthy weight for my frame. I tried running but I have a placement problem with my feet that causes major shin splints. So, until I can get some shoes that help with over-pronating running is on hold. I do however do Zumba and use the elliptical as another cardio option. I know without a doubt I look hilarious doing either but I just don’t care. I want to be healthy by 40 and maintain that for years. 

According the weigh in I took for my starting weight I have now lost 10lbs. That is great but feels a bit slow since I started working out at the end of Feb.and my husband, who started a bit later than me, has lost 36lbs!!! So not fair. Anyway I am also approaching the weight I reached last year, the place where I stalled for so long that I just gave up and wound up putting the weight back on. I don’t want to do that again. 

So while I on Pinterest the other day I found this link on For right now my focus is going to be the fitness part of her plan. I have to wrap my head around the meal plan. It is pretty bland and I am not sure I could keep that up for very long while having to cook for a family of 7. I want to see if I can push through with the weigh lifting. Everything I am reading says that it should produce the results I am looking for. I don’t want to bulk up. I want to be trim and toned.

Today is day one for me. I lift weights while our oldest has an art class at the Y and the other two youngers are in child watch. I missed the am cardio today. My plans to get up before Jorry went to work went out the door when I ignored the alarm and went back to sleep. Baby steps, baby steps.

Ok, now for the scary part. I am going to post my stats…no pics…not that brave.



True waist-34.5″

Across belly button-38.8


Upper Thigh-22.75

Mid Thigh-19.5

Upper chest-37

Across chest-39

I am not sure how often I will take measurements. I will definitely only weigh in once a week. I’ll post the results good or bad. Here’s to getting fit by 40!!

A change in perspective

It has not been all sunshine and roses around here at the Ehlinger family abode. Gasp, shock, horror….I know you are all blown away by this but it is the truth. We have 7 different personalities and 5 of those are going through rapid changes that this mostly awesome,  but sometimes sucky mom  has a hard time keeping up with. I mean there is only so much rum one can consume and still function. That is tongue in cheek folks…mostly.

Anyway the break down is as follows….I have an almost 17yo that is so passionate about what she believes in it makes my heart almost explode. However, we clash on things like how I parent her younger siblings, how I homeschool, how I arrange the kitchen utensils in the large drawer in the kitchen. That last one is NOT a joke.

Then there is the 13yo. She is also passionate about what she believes in. She also believes everyone should have a memory like an elephant, just like she does. That kid can remember some stuff that none of us can recall but she is so convincing that we just roll with it. However, she can’t remember to throw away the pile of eyeliner covered q-tips on the computer desk along with the 2-3 empty cans of Mt. Dew. And she fails to understand the complexities of the ages of 7,5 and 3 and therefore has little patience for her younger siblings.

Next is our 7yo. Ahh 7. They can do so much and yet still aren’t quite ready to be completely independent. They want to be reassured they CAN do something and at the same time know it is ok if they CAN’T. My 7yo is a sensitive spirit and sometimes I inadvertently tread all over said spirit creating an emotional, drama filled afternoon that would rival any drama/tragedy that Shakespeare wrote.  She wants to be grown up like her older sisters and is stretching to create distance from the youngest two. It causes me to smile and want to melt into a puddle of tears all at the same time.

Then there is our 5yo also known as our loud child. I like to think that it is because she is so full of life that it comes out in the form of immense volume. She is a happy child except when she isn’t and when she isn’t she has a killer whine.  I try hard not to get that nails on the chalkboard feeling when it happens but as I mentioned above I do have my sucky moments and the whining can really drive me over the edge. She was never a cuddly nurser as a baby but I am learning that she needs to be a cuddly 5yo to get us both through those whiney times.

And last but certainly not least we have the 3yo. I am going to be brutally honest here. At our house 3 is a shitty age. As another friend once shared she though it was because she had a 3yo while being pregnant and that made it hard. Then, when she had a 3yo and wasn’t pregnant, she just realized that three was HARD!  If you have a three year old I don’t need to explain. If not then I would suggest you begin working on a formula that will allow you to skip the year from about 3-4.5…depending on the kid of course.  If you are successful with that all moms with kids under 3 and future moms will adore you.  Those of us that have had to go through 3 at least once will secretly think you are a b**** and hate you for it. In short 3 will require you to be on your toes in the mental department constantly. What works today will not work tomorrow, or even in the next 5min. You will think you have it mastered and they will come up with something that will throw you for a loop. Of all the ages 3 needs a rhythm to their day. This will not guarantee a smooth year. It will just help keep your rum budget in check.

I don’t share all of this to be down on my kids. Everything I mentioned is all normal, well within any behavioral text you will read. I share it because after reading a blog this morning I realized that I need to change my perspective of my children. All of the things above are real. They are part of my daily interaction with my girls. Maybe not every day, but most days. I do have five kids…there are no days without some problem(loosely used term) to solve. However, it is HOW I choose to look at the problem/issue that is important. Am I working to change who they are so life is easier for me or am I seeing them for who God created them to be and am I working WITH that?

It was this quote:

“We were made to enjoy life and our Creator, and we were meant to choose to live in His beauty and provision.

“When I choose to notice, every day, the beauty of my children instead of the duties my children bring my way, I am worshipping God.”

~ Sally Clarkson, The Mom Walk

From this blog:  that inspired this post.

And even if you read this and don’t view God the same way as I do I still encourage you to notice every day the awesomeness of your children. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be rum days, or wine days, or “OH my, I need to RUN FAR AWAY” days.  But it is something we can come back to, to buffer us through those times, to get us through the melt downs, the whining, the disagreeing, the growing pains.

Long time no post!

Well, I have totally failed the “blog everyday” part of my 37 in 37. Oh well, best laid plans of mice and men and all that jazz. A lot has happened since my last post. We are still enjoying our new house. I am working on a rhythm to our day based on the activities we have going on at the moment. I have also implemented a cleaning routine in the hopes of keeping up with the house and having a reference for my husband on the days that I am gone or sick. Nothing like being sick for a day or so and finding tons of catching up to do in the housework department!

While I was away the younger three girls and I made a trip to Mississippi. I am sad to say that I went home to say goodbye to my sweet Grandfather. He  had Alzheimer’s for 6 years and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last December. I have a lot to share about that but it is for another post.

In other news yesterday was National Spank Out day. As a parent that used to spank and now does not it is always great to find blog posts online that you can add to your tool box on those days when you feel like spanking would just be easier. If you haven’t stumbled upon “The Path Less Taken” then here is a great post to start with.

Jennifer is an unschooling, gentle parent of four. She has some great posts so after you read that one take some time to explore her blog.

I am hoping to post more regularly but definitely won’t be able to post everyday. I think I was in caffeine mode when I added that to my 37 in 37 list. 😉