Long time no post!

Well, I have totally failed the “blog everyday” part of my 37 in 37. Oh well, best laid plans of mice and men and all that jazz. A lot has happened since my last post. We are still enjoying our new house. I am working on a rhythm to our day based on the activities we have going on at the moment. I have also implemented a cleaning routine in the hopes of keeping up with the house and having a reference for my husband on the days that I am gone or sick. Nothing like being sick for a day or so and finding tons of catching up to do in the housework department!

While I was away the younger three girls and I made a trip to Mississippi. I am sad to say that I went home to say goodbye to my sweet Grandfather. He  had Alzheimer’s for 6 years and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last December. I have a lot to share about that but it is for another post.

In other news yesterday was National Spank Out day. As a parent that used to spank and now does not it is always great to find blog posts online that you can add to your tool box on those days when you feel like spanking would just be easier. If you haven’t stumbled upon “The Path Less Taken” then here is a great post to start with.


Jennifer is an unschooling, gentle parent of four. She has some great posts so after you read that one take some time to explore her blog.

I am hoping to post more regularly but definitely won’t be able to post everyday. I think I was in caffeine mode when I added that to my 37 in 37 list. 😉


One thought on “Long time no post!

  1. I LOVE motivated moms calendar for keeping up with the house. They have an iPhone app version that is awesome! Costs the same as the downloadable ebook — but it is always right there where I am to remind me what I want to do. Love check-boxes too — I always feels so purposeful. 😀

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