Weight Loss Journey

After weighing in one Jan. morning and seeing that I had gained back the weight I had lost last year I decided yet again to get off my butt and try to get back to a healthy weight for my frame. I tried running but I have a placement problem with my feet that causes major shin splints. So, until I can get some shoes that help with over-pronating running is on hold. I do however do Zumba and use the elliptical as another cardio option. I know without a doubt I look hilarious doing either but I just don’t care. I want to be healthy by 40 and maintain that for years. 

According the weigh in I took for my starting weight I have now lost 10lbs. That is great but feels a bit slow since I started working out at the end of Feb.and my husband, who started a bit later than me, has lost 36lbs!!! So not fair. Anyway I am also approaching the weight I reached last year, the place where I stalled for so long that I just gave up and wound up putting the weight back on. I don’t want to do that again. 

So while I on Pinterest the other day I found this link on Bodybuilding.com. For right now my focus is going to be the fitness part of her plan. I have to wrap my head around the meal plan. It is pretty bland and I am not sure I could keep that up for very long while having to cook for a family of 7. I want to see if I can push through with the weigh lifting. Everything I am reading says that it should produce the results I am looking for. I don’t want to bulk up. I want to be trim and toned.

Today is day one for me. I lift weights while our oldest has an art class at the Y and the other two youngers are in child watch. I missed the am cardio today. My plans to get up before Jorry went to work went out the door when I ignored the alarm and went back to sleep. Baby steps, baby steps.

Ok, now for the scary part. I am going to post my stats…no pics…not that brave.



True waist-34.5″

Across belly button-38.8


Upper Thigh-22.75

Mid Thigh-19.5

Upper chest-37

Across chest-39

I am not sure how often I will take measurements. I will definitely only weigh in once a week. I’ll post the results good or bad. Here’s to getting fit by 40!!

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