Weight Loss Update

It has been just a tad over a month since I last posted about my weight loss journey. In my last post I mentioned the weight loss program I was going to do. Today will be the end of week three and I am happy with the results so far. Remember also I mentioned the eating plan being bland? I was so wrong. Once I began to research clean eating I was amazed at how many yummy options there are when eating clean. My go to blogs for recipes right now are The Gracious Pantry and The Naked Kitchen. I have made the BBQ sauce,pancakes and waffles from The Gracious Pantry. I love the spaghetti sauce recipe from the Naked Kitchen and have plans to make a large batch so I can put some in the freezer.

The main thing with eating clean is NO white stuff. So no white flour, rice, pasta or sugar. You can sweeten with honey and agave. The closer to the original form of the food the better. Spices are your friend and salt is at a minimum. Also with clean eating it is good to focus on a 40/40/20 break down of protein, carbs and fat in each meal.  I am still learning. My sweet tooth has dropped dramatically. I have learned to really read labels because sugar is in everything. I was shocked to see that there was sugar in my canned tomato sauce. Now, I definitely don’t have the budget to go out and restock my entire pantry but, I am working to change it over a little bit at a time with each grocery trip.

Now for my stats. Still no pictures yet but I will share that my two week progress pics show a nice change in my arms. 😉 I mentioned last post that I was at my stall weight from last year. I am happy to say eating clean and lifting weights along with cardio have helped me bust through that mark!!

Weight: 145—–7lb drop since last post!! 🙂

Measurements: As of June 2nd

True waist- 33″ (-1.5″)

Across belly button- 38 (-.5)

Hips- 38 (-.5)

Upper Thigh-22.5 (-.25)

Mid Thigh-19.5–not taking measurment

Upper chest- 35.75 (-1.25)

Across chest- 37 (2″)

5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

    • Thanks for the link Laura! I had heard bad things about it before. That knowledge, cost and a love for my raw honey has kept it out of my house. I should probably add that bit of info in in the post. Thanks for the compliments!!

  1. Great job on the weight loss so far! I plan to eat clean for the rest of my life. I’m really trying to let go of my attachment to the sugar and carbs this time around. It’s really my downfall…

    • Thanks! I am finding that eating clean is a lot easier than I thought. Although I can go overboard on the fruit which racks up the carbs. I still use honey but it doesn’t spark by sweet tooth like refined sugar does. We can do this!!

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