Pinterest Project Parade

I just down loaded some pictures from my phone and going through them I realize I have several Pinterest inspired projects photographed. So, instead of making a separate post for each one I am just going to jam them all into this post with the intention of blogging one at a time in the future.

First up we have the Kidlet! Prior to making the three below I made two others without front pockets. I still have two more to make. These now hang on 3M hooks on the wall as you go up the stairs. Each kiddo has a bag for me to be able to toss in their items that I find during the day. In the evening, or when the bags are full they are emptied and returned to their hooks. As I am typing this I realize that I do not have a picture of them hanging on the stairs. I will take one and post it later.


Up next are spinach cubes! I never said this was all going to be beautiful! 😉 I found an awesome deal on organic spinach while picking up something else at Kroger. I purchased ice-cube trays, going with the least expensive ones I could find at Walmart. I won’t do that again. Once the cubes were frozen and I tried to extract them it was a pain. There may or may not have been colorful language involved.  I didn’t take pics but the cubes were placed into a gallon freezer bag with plenty of room for more to be added. I have not made a smoothie with them just yet. I’m in a bit of a healthy eating funk at the moment. It happens, I’ll come out of it and report my findings later.



Then there was a batch of Winter Granola. A huge hit in our house. I prefer it without the white chocolate chips but I think I am the only one. 😉


Even though the first day of spring was cold as whatever is really cold, we decided to go ahead and create some spring flowers.




Finally, I had a project that I completed this past Monday. We bought our home last year, closing in Jan. of 2012. We went from a 1200sqft rental to a little over 3,000sq ft. I have a vast amount of wall space, floor space, and very little wallet space. 😉 So, I am trying really hard to find decorating ideas that fit my budget. I love garage sales, consignment shops, antique stores,Craig’s list, and my friends and family that send me their unwanted items or just simple gifts like giant stacks of really cool scrapbook paper. My mom was my most recent contributor to the scrapbook paper stash. When I found this pinned on Pinterest I knew I wanted to try it on the covers in the downstairs half bath. I love how it turned out. I did  at least 5 coats of modge podge. A couple of things I did differently than the tutorial are, paint on the cover at all. My covers are a cream color so they actually went well with the paper. If I were to do it a second time I might try to paint the screw but I’m not sure the paint would stay. Second, I cut the paper differently around the holes. I turned the cover so the back was facing up and then scored the paper in a V shape from the upper corner down to the center and then from the bottom up to the center. Then I folded those pieces back onto the back of the covers. With the outlet cover I had to make an extra cut.



Mom and daughter date!

Last week it worked out that Emi and Ashlyn were able to go visit friends for a play date. This allowed me and Zoe to have an in house mom and daughter date.

After dropping off the older sisters we headed for the drive through with plans to have a picnic in the living room while watching The Aristocats

Next on the list was cup cake baking



Followed by cupcake decorating!



A couple of games of Candy Land!


There was a visit to the “hair dresser”


Then after the movie was completely finished she was ready to go get her older sisters. I’m grateful to have these sweet moments.


A peek inside my kitchen

This could also be titled “I pissed off the kitchen fairy”, “The kitchen fairy is no more”, or “There is no, insert expletive of choice, kitchen fairy” No matter which title you choose I am about to share with you the before and after pictures of my kitchen from yesterday. Why, you ask? Years ago when I started blogging on another site I started following a blogger with the title “Messy Jessie” One day she posted before and after pictures of her home. I loved it because it made me realize that I am not the only person that has a messy house, or lets things go by the wayside while I spend time with my kids, sewing, knitting,ignoring the mess etc. It also helped me to see that while the mess can sometimes be overwhelming that I can clear it away and invite a breath of fresh air into the space again.


My apologies to my OCD friends.


This is almost artistic. “Ode to life with 5 kids”


Here you will notice that I have both caffeinated and decaf coffee on the counter. Due to heart palpitations I can no longer have caffeine. The container is actually empty. I think I was just having a hard time letting go.


I hear angels!


Not quite as artistic now but lovely none the less.


Yes, those are Christmas cards on the cabinet doors. I took them down after I looked at the picture!


I didn’t get a before of this picture but it held a crock pot that needed to be clean and food that should have been in the pantry. It was also home to several dirty knives. Apparently there is a force field around the counter next to the sink when my children fix themselves food.


I’m considering calling my posts on Sunday “So real Sunday” I’m not sure just yet. I will think about it some more. It would be cool to post something that is raw and real. So often I get caught up in the blogs where everything goes so smoothly or the pictures look so pristine and I find myself feeling like I don’t measure up.  I have to remind myself that blogs, mine included, are just a blip on the map of the lives of the people that write them.  We all have a journey to make. It will be similar to some but always unique unto ourselves. I hope you enjoy your day!!

Update on the Crew!

Time for a bullet point update on each kid. If you are new here, and missed counting the kids in my banner, I have 5. 😉 You might want to grab a cup of coffee because I haven’t done this in a while and may have quite a bit to share once I get started. I will go in order from oldest to youngest this time. I have been known to mix it up a bit and go in reverse order, or no order at all. I live on the edge like that and apparently it causes some amount of stress for my friends with OCD tendencies. 😉 Ready? Here we GO! Oh, wait! I need more coffee,,,,,,, OK now I’m set….GO!


  • A senior this year. I’m not sure how that happened since I am only 28yrs old.
  • Very politically minded. Drives her crazy that her mom “Hates politics period.”
  • Feminist <——Not a dirty word 
  • Has a job.
  • Will be going to college in the winter of 2013–School of Public and Environmental Affairs. 
  • Has a boyfriend and we like him. They have been dating for 2.5yrs now
  • Has inherited my gift for witty comebacks and sarcastic remarks. She’s actually better than me. 😉
  • Prefers to read non-fiction
  • Is learning to drive. She is doing great but I suck as a passenger.
  • Night owl
  • Watches documentaries
  • Loves to take pictures but only for fun
  • A great debater!
  • Loves salty foods, not a huge fan of chocolate. This sometimes makes me wonder if she was switched at birth.
  • Has adopted some of my hippy opinions on birth and child rearing.
  • Artistic when the mood strikes
  • Allergic to returning the dishes she takes upstairs.
  • Loves her siblings even though they sometimes drive her crazy.



  • Bibliophile! Reads fiction and reads and reads and reads some more. 
  • Fan girl. Specifically she is a Directioner
  • Can navigate Tumblr like a boss. 
  • LOVES Mt. Dew
  • LOVES Ed Sheeran
  • Loves gymnastics and plans to take classes in the fall. She came to it later in life than most girls do. Even though we had to stop private lessons she has continued to practice and is working out to build her strength for when she starts back in the gym.
  • Loves photography
  • Huge football fan. Watches with her dad all season and even plays fake fantasy football. She knows players like Alyssa knows politicians and government officials. 
  • Feels that I should be able to tell who each One Direction member is just by their voice.
  • Does not tolerate book abuse.
  • A Freshman this year. She has chosen to study Biology, geography, American History and math. 
  • Running is not her favorite.
  • Likes Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and the 50s.
  • Feminist <——— Again, not a dirty word
  • Has awesome music on her IPod….ie Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Pink, Miranda Lambert etc.
  • HATES Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. 
  • Night owl
  • Stands up for herself. Cannot stand, and I quote “Stupid Jr. High bullshit.”
  • Wants to go to college and likely do something related to the sports industry.
  • Loves her siblings even though they drive her crazy A LOT



  • Tenderhearted— Just like her mom.
  • Loves to make up songs and dances
  • Likes watching “bigger kid shows” ie Hannah Montana, Good Luck Charley
  • Loves her friends
  • Loves her older sisters but tends to try for their attention in ways that annoy them. We’re working on that.
  • Is enjoying having me read Harry Potter to her. 
  • Is big on “One on one” time with mom and dad
  • Creative–She recently decorated a tree that is painted on her bedroom wall with scrapbook paper as spring buds and cut our birds to put on the branches. 
  • Wrestles with being in the middle of 5 kids….to young for the big girl things and is getting too old(in her opinion) for some of the little girl things. Fun times at our house!
  • Enjoys cooking.
  • Likes to snuggle.
  • Knows how to knit.
  • Wants to learn to sew.
  • Encourages others.
  • Loves most foods. She is the least choosy of all our kids. 😉
  • A great friend.
  • Loves her siblings.
  • Very dramatic when things aren’t going well for her. She often says she was adopted. I promise she wasn’t. I think we should look into drama classes.
  • Loves playing with her baby dolls.
  • Recently learned how to hula hoop
  • Cute dimples
  • Excellent snowman maker. 
  • Loves her siblings most days. 😉



  • We see her feet more than we see her head some days. She is very into gymnastics and is always tumbling here and there. Handstands, flips onto and off the couch. etc.
  • She is learning to read.
  • Loves watching gymnastics and hula hoop videos on Youtube.
  • Likes to cook
  • Is learning to knit
  • She is our loud child. 😉
  • Good with numbers
  • Talks constantly. NO idea where she gets that from.
  • Can be super silly.
  • She is turning into a night owl as well. I blame her dad.
  • A sweet smile.
  • Loves all her sisters very much.


  • She is a cuddle bug.
  • Will not allow you to leave the house with out multiple kisses and hugs.
  • Loves to make up songs and dances. She will proclaim “And now for the GRAND FINALE!” when she is approaching the end of her show.
  • Can play quite contentedly by herself. I often hear her making the plastic animals talk as she creates a whole other imaginary world.
  • Has a sweet dimple on her cheek.
  • Loves numbers
  • Likes to spend time outside even when it is cold
  • Loves the Backyardigans
  • Loves being read to.
  • Always wants to help cook.
  • Still has cute pronunciations for her older sister’s names.
  • Loves to love.




Hello March!

I spent the last week of January and the entire month of February sick. I am usually very healthy and truth be told I hadn’t been sick like this since 2007. It started off with just a chest thing, then laryngitis. Throw in some heart palpitations, and a different respiratory illness and BAM! you get bronchitis.

I am on the tail end of my antibiotics and I am finally feeling well enough to start working out again. Time off, plus poor food choices, have derailed some of the work I did last year. So it’s back to the gym and a major cleaning up of food for me.

I am looking forward to the warmer temps that March usually brings our way. The approach of spring coupled with my returning health has me feeling energized. I want to craft all the things, sew all the things, and run all the miles!

I started crafting all the things yesterday by making a St. Patrick’s Day banner. You can find the tutorial <—–there.

I chose to use pages from an instructional grammar book we have had for years. Instead of card stock I chose to use scrapbook paper. After putting it all together I felt like the clovers didn’t stand out enough.


So I found a darker green and glued them over the lighter colored paper. I added green heart shaped buttons and voila!



What do you think?

A revisit of 37 in 37

Last year I posted a blog entry that included a list of 37 things I wanted to do in my 37th year of life. The original post can be found here. For the first time in a long time I am going to post the list and see what exactly I did and did not do on the list. Here goes:

37 thing to do in my 37th year of life

1.Run a 5k (in training now)——-Training was halted due to shin splints that I could not get past. I needed new shoes and they just never seemed to be in the budget. I have new shoes now so this will be on the new list.

2.Reach my goal weight of 120lbs—-I made it to 134!! Then I gained back some. Boo! Now I am working towards this goal again.

3.Participate in an archaeological dig–Big negative.

4. Take a hip hop dance class–I did a hip hop exercise class at the Y….does that count?

5. Take a photography class— Didn’t happen

6. Take a trip with Grandma Marty—Didn’t happen. I am really bummed by this. I want to figure out how to make this happen soon!

7.Knit a sweater for myself—The closest I got was talking about it. I did find a pattern and purchase the yarn in Jan of this year though. It will stay on the list.

8 .Open an Etsy shop—I DID IT!!! I have had a two sales from my actual shop and then some side sales via Facebook. Hoping to see the sales increase this year.

9. Journal everyday—I started off well enough but did not continue. I think I will exchange “everyday” with “more often”

10. Blog daily–Starting in Jan.—-You can tell from my whopping 22 entries this did not happen! How about another “more often” here as well?

11.Watch the sunset on Lake Michigan—Didn’t happen so it stays on the list.

12. Learn to knit socks 2 at a time—Didn’t happen and I have decided that I just don’t care to learn.

13. Read 1 fiction book a month– I read one fiction book the entire year. Please no throwing stones all you bibliophiles! I aim to do better this year.

14. Hike in every state park in Indiana– Only hiked in one. This stays on the list as well.

15. Visit 37 different covered bridges and take pictures–No, but it is still on the list

16. Enter a poetry contest–Didn’t even try to find one. This may go, I haven’t decided yet.

17. Finish my dining room chairs–This project haunts me. I swear I have great intentions.

18. Take an archery class–Nope

19. Take a yoga class–Nope

20. Finish my knitting needle case–Yes!!!!! I even have pictures I will share later.

21. Learn to shoot a gun–Nope

22. Run 100 miles by my 38th birthday(11 miles done so far)–See entry #1. I am going to see how the running goes with the new shoes before I decide if this stays or goes.

23. Visit a state I have never been to– Didn’t happen

24. No unhealthy fast food– Yeah right!

25. Take a weekend trip with my big girls–Didn’t happen but it needs to.

26. Get my photos printed and organized through 2011.—Hahahahaha!!!

27. Go geocaching– No, but it stays on the list

28.  Decrease my yelling—Yes, this actually happened. I still yell, just not nearly the amount I used to.

29. Say yes more—Yes. 😉

30. Try once a month cooking–Didn’t happen

31. Go to a pow wow–Yes! I took our oldest to one in Muncie Indiana. Loved it!

31. Laugh more– Not as much as I would have liked

32. Photograph myself more–Sort of….we did have family pictures made

33. Get a tatoo–Yes!! Thanks to a gift from a wonderful cousin. I will share pictures in another post

34. Find and participate in 37 free things in and around our city.—No…it stays on the list

35. Actually participate in the Handbook of Nature Study blog—No and I think I may take this off the list. I feel such pressure and it shouldn’t feel that way.

36. Host a party at our house.—Yes! We hosted a Halloween Party. Lots of fun!

37. Live Out Loud— Not as loudly as I would have liked.

2012 really threw me for a loop. It was a lot of things….finances, relationships, questioning my faith,death of loved ones etc. It was an eye opening year in some ways. I’m still working through a lot of the things that came up. I came out of a really intense period of parenting and ran smack into some realizations that knocked me on my ass.

After expressing some disappointment in how little I accomplished on my list one of my IRL best friends suggested I change the list to “40 before 40” I really like that idea and that is what I plan to do. I will be revamping the list and will publish it in the coming days.