A revisit of 37 in 37

Last year I posted a blog entry that included a list of 37 things I wanted to do in my 37th year of life. The original post can be found here. For the first time in a long time I am going to post the list and see what exactly I did and did not do on the list. Here goes:

37 thing to do in my 37th year of life

1.Run a 5k (in training now)——-Training was halted due to shin splints that I could not get past. I needed new shoes and they just never seemed to be in the budget. I have new shoes now so this will be on the new list.

2.Reach my goal weight of 120lbs—-I made it to 134!! Then I gained back some. Boo! Now I am working towards this goal again.

3.Participate in an archaeological dig–Big negative.

4. Take a hip hop dance class–I did a hip hop exercise class at the Y….does that count?

5. Take a photography class— Didn’t happen

6. Take a trip with Grandma Marty—Didn’t happen. I am really bummed by this. I want to figure out how to make this happen soon!

7.Knit a sweater for myself—The closest I got was talking about it. I did find a pattern and purchase the yarn in Jan of this year though. It will stay on the list.

8 .Open an Etsy shop—I DID IT!!! I have had a two sales from my actual shop and then some side sales via Facebook. Hoping to see the sales increase this year.

9. Journal everyday—I started off well enough but did not continue. I think I will exchange “everyday” with “more often”

10. Blog daily–Starting in Jan.—-You can tell from my whopping 22 entries this did not happen! How about another “more often” here as well?

11.Watch the sunset on Lake Michigan—Didn’t happen so it stays on the list.

12. Learn to knit socks 2 at a time—Didn’t happen and I have decided that I just don’t care to learn.

13. Read 1 fiction book a month– I read one fiction book the entire year. Please no throwing stones all you bibliophiles! I aim to do better this year.

14. Hike in every state park in Indiana– Only hiked in one. This stays on the list as well.

15. Visit 37 different covered bridges and take pictures–No, but it is still on the list

16. Enter a poetry contest–Didn’t even try to find one. This may go, I haven’t decided yet.

17. Finish my dining room chairs–This project haunts me. I swear I have great intentions.

18. Take an archery class–Nope

19. Take a yoga class–Nope

20. Finish my knitting needle case–Yes!!!!! I even have pictures I will share later.

21. Learn to shoot a gun–Nope

22. Run 100 miles by my 38th birthday(11 miles done so far)–See entry #1. I am going to see how the running goes with the new shoes before I decide if this stays or goes.

23. Visit a state I have never been to– Didn’t happen

24. No unhealthy fast food– Yeah right!

25. Take a weekend trip with my big girls–Didn’t happen but it needs to.

26. Get my photos printed and organized through 2011.—Hahahahaha!!!

27. Go geocaching– No, but it stays on the list

28.  Decrease my yelling—Yes, this actually happened. I still yell, just not nearly the amount I used to.

29. Say yes more—Yes. 😉

30. Try once a month cooking–Didn’t happen

31. Go to a pow wow–Yes! I took our oldest to one in Muncie Indiana. Loved it!

31. Laugh more– Not as much as I would have liked

32. Photograph myself more–Sort of….we did have family pictures made

33. Get a tatoo–Yes!! Thanks to a gift from a wonderful cousin. I will share pictures in another post

34. Find and participate in 37 free things in and around our city.—No…it stays on the list

35. Actually participate in the Handbook of Nature Study blog http://handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com/—No and I think I may take this off the list. I feel such pressure and it shouldn’t feel that way.

36. Host a party at our house.—Yes! We hosted a Halloween Party. Lots of fun!

37. Live Out Loud— Not as loudly as I would have liked.

2012 really threw me for a loop. It was a lot of things….finances, relationships, questioning my faith,death of loved ones etc. It was an eye opening year in some ways. I’m still working through a lot of the things that came up. I came out of a really intense period of parenting and ran smack into some realizations that knocked me on my ass.

After expressing some disappointment in how little I accomplished on my list one of my IRL best friends suggested I change the list to “40 before 40” I really like that idea and that is what I plan to do. I will be revamping the list and will publish it in the coming days.

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