A peek inside my kitchen

This could also be titled “I pissed off the kitchen fairy”, “The kitchen fairy is no more”, or “There is no, insert expletive of choice, kitchen fairy” No matter which title you choose I am about to share with you the before and after pictures of my kitchen from yesterday. Why, you ask? Years ago when I started blogging on another site I started following a blogger with the title “Messy Jessie” One day she posted before and after pictures of her home. I loved it because it made me realize that I am not the only person that has a messy house, or lets things go by the wayside while I spend time with my kids, sewing, knitting,ignoring the mess etc. It also helped me to see that while the mess can sometimes be overwhelming that I can clear it away and invite a breath of fresh air into the space again.


My apologies to my OCD friends.


This is almost artistic. “Ode to life with 5 kids”


Here you will notice that I have both caffeinated and decaf coffee on the counter. Due to heart palpitations I can no longer have caffeine. The container is actually empty. I think I was just having a hard time letting go.


I hear angels!


Not quite as artistic now but lovely none the less.


Yes, those are Christmas cards on the cabinet doors. I took them down after I looked at the picture!


I didn’t get a before of this picture but it held a crock pot that needed to be clean and food that should have been in the pantry. It was also home to several dirty knives. Apparently there is a force field around the counter next to the sink when my children fix themselves food.


I’m considering calling my posts on Sunday “So real Sunday” I’m not sure just yet. I will think about it some more. It would be cool to post something that is raw and real. So often I get caught up in the blogs where everything goes so smoothly or the pictures look so pristine and I find myself feeling like I don’t measure up.  I have to remind myself that blogs, mine included, are just a blip on the map of the lives of the people that write them.  We all have a journey to make. It will be similar to some but always unique unto ourselves. I hope you enjoy your day!!

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