Pinterest Project Parade

I just down loaded some pictures from my phone and going through them I realize I have several Pinterest inspired projects photographed. So, instead of making a separate post for each one I am just going to jam them all into this post with the intention of blogging one at a time in the future.

First up we have the Kidlet! Prior to making the three below I made two others without front pockets. I still have two more to make. These now hang on 3M hooks on the wall as you go up the stairs. Each kiddo has a bag for me to be able to toss in their items that I find during the day. In the evening, or when the bags are full they are emptied and returned to their hooks. As I am typing this I realize that I do not have a picture of them hanging on the stairs. I will take one and post it later.


Up next are spinach cubes! I never said this was all going to be beautiful! 😉 I found an awesome deal on organic spinach while picking up something else at Kroger. I purchased ice-cube trays, going with the least expensive ones I could find at Walmart. I won’t do that again. Once the cubes were frozen and I tried to extract them it was a pain. There may or may not have been colorful language involved.  I didn’t take pics but the cubes were placed into a gallon freezer bag with plenty of room for more to be added. I have not made a smoothie with them just yet. I’m in a bit of a healthy eating funk at the moment. It happens, I’ll come out of it and report my findings later.



Then there was a batch of Winter Granola. A huge hit in our house. I prefer it without the white chocolate chips but I think I am the only one. 😉


Even though the first day of spring was cold as whatever is really cold, we decided to go ahead and create some spring flowers.




Finally, I had a project that I completed this past Monday. We bought our home last year, closing in Jan. of 2012. We went from a 1200sqft rental to a little over 3,000sq ft. I have a vast amount of wall space, floor space, and very little wallet space. 😉 So, I am trying really hard to find decorating ideas that fit my budget. I love garage sales, consignment shops, antique stores,Craig’s list, and my friends and family that send me their unwanted items or just simple gifts like giant stacks of really cool scrapbook paper. My mom was my most recent contributor to the scrapbook paper stash. When I found this pinned on Pinterest I knew I wanted to try it on the covers in the downstairs half bath. I love how it turned out. I did  at least 5 coats of modge podge. A couple of things I did differently than the tutorial are, paint on the cover at all. My covers are a cream color so they actually went well with the paper. If I were to do it a second time I might try to paint the screw but I’m not sure the paint would stay. Second, I cut the paper differently around the holes. I turned the cover so the back was facing up and then scored the paper in a V shape from the upper corner down to the center and then from the bottom up to the center. Then I folded those pieces back onto the back of the covers. With the outlet cover I had to make an extra cut.




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