The Vegetarian Experiment

Today began my six week long vegetarian experiment. I am curious to see how I do and what changes happen for my body. I was down to 134 last year in August and have regained 16lbs.

I have no plans to eat tofu and I avoid soy as much as possible. I will have to work to make sure I am getting enough protein since I am also running and lifting weights. I may have to break down and try tofu. :/ We will see.

The day went really well. Lots if veggies were consumed. It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t feel hungry during the day. I didn’t feel over full, rather just simply satisfied.

I have black beans in the crock pot that will go into the freezer tomorrow. I baked several sweet potatoes today. Tomorrow I plan to cook up several cups of quinoa to use through the week.

Wish me luck! I have a friend that is joining me in the adventure. We live 1,000miles apart so texting will be our form of communication and motivation for one another.

This was taken after my 2.38mile run tonight. My awesome friend Dana gave me the headband. 🙂 It reads “I thought they said Rum!”


Throwback Thursday

Joining one of my besties over at Handmade Hearth for Throwback Thursday. Today’s throwback involves my husband who never reads this blog so I can totally get away with posting this. 😉 He turned 40 last week and his mom and dad sent along some old pictures with his birthday gift.



From cute to sexy. Then again, I am partial.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Yarn Along and an ER visit

Joining Ginny from Small Things for this weeks yarn along.


Last week I was trying to read “The Great Gatsby”. That was a complete flop. I made it halfway through the second chapter and waved the white flag. Besides, it’s coming to theaters and it is the first book I will have ever abandoned in favor of the movie. 😉 I went to my dealer fourteen year old daughter to acquire new reading material. I was not disappointed when I chose “The Book Thief”. I had to work really hard to put it down and take care of my family. It was that good! I finished it while waiting in the ER with our 4yo. I cried. I probably would have bawled if I had been in the comfort of my own home. I’m hoping all my girls will read this book one day. Moving, poetic, raw, real, every emotion you could list.

The Longies are still at the same place as last week. I’m going to have to figure out how to balance reading and knitting now that I am reading more these days. 😉 I will have to put some hours in these next couple of nights so I can have an actual progress picture next week.

Now, about that ER visit. Zoe, our 4yo woke with a nasty case of croup. None if my at home remedies were working and she was laboring to breath beyond normal croup standards so away we went. Two breathing treatments, one oral steroid and roughly 8 hours later she had improved and we were heading home.




I’m looking forward to checking out other yarn along posts this weekend. If you stop by be sure to say hi!

Learning in Motion

Last week the Ashlyn asked if she could watch the documentary “On Point”.  When she asked she couldn’t remember the exact title and I was not coming up with positive results with the search terms I was using on Netflix. Emily came to our rescue and new the title right away. They set to watching it and shortly after it was over there was this happening in our front living room.

038 029 030 033 037

052 047 044 041 056

069 075 074 073 072

Movement, movement and more movement. An intro to classical music, discussions on proper names of dance moves. An intro to French and many requests for ballet lessons. Interspersed in all of this was joy, laughter, encouragement, confidence building, and freedom to grow. Hooray for living life out loud!

30 day Facebook break

After an intense couple of weeks on Facebook I decided to take a 30 day break from my addiction  connection to that part of the online world. I had signed off for a few days after getting caught up in drama surrounding the Ohio rape case as well as getting my feelings stomped on by a stupid comparison between extroverts and introverts. I’m usually really good about letting those things just roll off my back but that particular one just plain pissed me off. So, while I was on that break a friend emailed me to let me know she was thinking about taking a break as well and sent some links to blog posts where others had shared their “Facebook fasting” experiences. I read them and decided that 30 days was doable. Why not?

I signed back on and cleaned up my friends list, deleted some lists and created new ones. Hid a lot of things from my timeline and unliked pages I didn’t even remember liking.  It was amazing just how much that helped to clean up my feed. I didn’t feel quite so bombarded and it was easier to go check in on people with the lists organized. I am part of two groups that I will check in with once a day. One is a spring cleaning group I joined before my short break and the other is a health and fitness group that I use to help motivate me in my weight loss efforts.

By the time this posts it will 8 days into the break. At this moment I am doing fine. I have already read four books. My fourteen year old was thrilled when I asked to borrow her copy of “The Hunger Games”. I read that trilogy during the mini break. After that I picked up the book “The Birth of Venus” by Sarah Dunant. I started reading it last year when my seventeen year old suggested I read it. I will say that it was slow to begin with but once it picked up, it really picked up. It is historical fiction set in Florence during the Renaissance. It wasn’t until I finished reading it and was holding back tears that I realized just how connected I had become to the main character Alessandra. I will be reading more from Dunant in the future. My current book is “The Great Gatsby” If you read my Yarn Along  post you know that I am having to push myself to read further along before I give up on it.

I’m not sure what I think will come from this break. Maybe a different perspective on how I connect in the online world? Maybe a better idea of how to do that without falling into the drama.  I just know I need to step back for now and quiet my mind.

Great Timing

We have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster around our house. Our third daughter is 8 and is experiencing all kinds of big emotions. This article  from “The Parenting Passage Way” landed in my inbox yesterday and it was great timing. It gives me hope that I will survive this stage of life this time, as well as the two times that are to follow. 😉


Yarn Along

Today I am joining Ginny at Small Things for her yarn along. 


I am in the process of knitting a pair of wool longies for one of my best friends. She is due late this month with her 5th baby and her second daughter. The wool is from Peace Fleece and it has what I call a wooley smell. Not unpleasant, more just natural, for lack of a better explanation. 

I’m only one chapter into “The Great Gatsby” and I want to quit and find something else. I expressed this to an on line friend of mine and she encouraged me to give it a few more chapters. Stating that sometimes the writers of classics were very wordy in their set up of the story. Wordy is an understatement. I had a hard time trying to follow where he was going. It felt very choppy. Even though there were a lot of words, it left me unimpressed so far. Still, I will press on! 

What do you have on the needles? Reading anything that you love? Hate? Just meh? Be sure to share and link it at Ginny’s blog. 🙂