Yarn Along

Today I am joining Ginny at Small Things for her yarn along. 


I am in the process of knitting a pair of wool longies for one of my best friends. She is due late this month with her 5th baby and her second daughter. The wool is from Peace Fleece and it has what I call a wooley smell. Not unpleasant, more just natural, for lack of a better explanation. 

I’m only one chapter into “The Great Gatsby” and I want to quit and find something else. I expressed this to an on line friend of mine and she encouraged me to give it a few more chapters. Stating that sometimes the writers of classics were very wordy in their set up of the story. Wordy is an understatement. I had a hard time trying to follow where he was going. It felt very choppy. Even though there were a lot of words, it left me unimpressed so far. Still, I will press on! 

What do you have on the needles? Reading anything that you love? Hate? Just meh? Be sure to share and link it at Ginny’s blog. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I too had a hard time reading, “The Great Gatsby.” UGH! I have noticed that a film is being remade. (Redford was in the first one.) I’ve actually tried twice to read that book and found it too be un-inspiring. I really couldn’t get a feel for the place or the people. Drab!! If you keep at it, and would like some incentive, I will join you on this trekk. Just let me know.

    On my needles?
    I spent most of March working on a gift for a friend (my first toy) so I didn’t get my #3 shawl finished. I’m hoping to finish it before too much longer. It’s called, “Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0” The yarn is soft and airy. Guess where it came from?? Big Lots!! Yup! That’s right!

  2. I’m pretty much out of the baby-loop. What are longies and why do they have to be wool? Is there a shorties version? <<<Did that make you laugh? I hope so. 😉

    You know I haven't read that book but I've always loved the cover. Those eyes are what get me. I love eyes. If it doesn't get better in another chapter or two, ditch it. Life's too short to read books that you don't like. It's not like you have to read this for a class or a book group.

    • Lol! Actually there is a shorties version. 😉 Longies are wool pants that double as a cloth diaper cover. Wool wicks away the moisture keeping the pants dry and reusable through several changes.

      I’m in chapter two and it is still dragging. Going to give it until the end of the chapter to see if it gets any better. 😉

  3. Loving the fleck in your yarn, such a pretty colour too. You’re a much better woman than I am, I think I would have given up on a novel that didn’t manage to grab my attention in the first chapter or so.

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