30 day Facebook break

After an intense couple of weeks on Facebook I decided to take a 30 day break from my addiction  connection to that part of the online world. I had signed off for a few days after getting caught up in drama surrounding the Ohio rape case as well as getting my feelings stomped on by a stupid comparison between extroverts and introverts. I’m usually really good about letting those things just roll off my back but that particular one just plain pissed me off. So, while I was on that break a friend emailed me to let me know she was thinking about taking a break as well and sent some links to blog posts where others had shared their “Facebook fasting” experiences. I read them and decided that 30 days was doable. Why not?

I signed back on and cleaned up my friends list, deleted some lists and created new ones. Hid a lot of things from my timeline and unliked pages I didn’t even remember liking.  It was amazing just how much that helped to clean up my feed. I didn’t feel quite so bombarded and it was easier to go check in on people with the lists organized. I am part of two groups that I will check in with once a day. One is a spring cleaning group I joined before my short break and the other is a health and fitness group that I use to help motivate me in my weight loss efforts.

By the time this posts it will 8 days into the break. At this moment I am doing fine. I have already read four books. My fourteen year old was thrilled when I asked to borrow her copy of “The Hunger Games”. I read that trilogy during the mini break. After that I picked up the book “The Birth of Venus” by Sarah Dunant. I started reading it last year when my seventeen year old suggested I read it. I will say that it was slow to begin with but once it picked up, it really picked up. It is historical fiction set in Florence during the Renaissance. It wasn’t until I finished reading it and was holding back tears that I realized just how connected I had become to the main character Alessandra. I will be reading more from Dunant in the future. My current book is “The Great Gatsby” If you read my Yarn Along  post you know that I am having to push myself to read further along before I give up on it.

I’m not sure what I think will come from this break. Maybe a different perspective on how I connect in the online world? Maybe a better idea of how to do that without falling into the drama.  I just know I need to step back for now and quiet my mind.


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