Learning in Motion

Last week the Ashlyn asked if she could watch the documentary “On Point”.  When she asked she couldn’t remember the exact title and I was not coming up with positive results with the search terms I was using on Netflix. Emily came to our rescue and new the title right away. They set to watching it and shortly after it was over there was this happening in our front living room.

038 029 030 033 037

052 047 044 041 056

069 075 074 073 072

Movement, movement and more movement. An intro to classical music, discussions on proper names of dance moves. An intro to French and many requests for ballet lessons. Interspersed in all of this was joy, laughter, encouragement, confidence building, and freedom to grow. Hooray for living life out loud!

2 thoughts on “Learning in Motion

  1. Adorable! There are some videos out there that cover very basic ballet for young ones just starting out. You could use those first. 🙂 I’ll see if I can track down names for you. Do you have the DVD option from Netflix or just streaming?

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