The Vegetarian Experiment

Today began my six week long vegetarian experiment. I am curious to see how I do and what changes happen for my body. I was down to 134 last year in August and have regained 16lbs.

I have no plans to eat tofu and I avoid soy as much as possible. I will have to work to make sure I am getting enough protein since I am also running and lifting weights. I may have to break down and try tofu. :/ We will see.

The day went really well. Lots if veggies were consumed. It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t feel hungry during the day. I didn’t feel over full, rather just simply satisfied.

I have black beans in the crock pot that will go into the freezer tomorrow. I baked several sweet potatoes today. Tomorrow I plan to cook up several cups of quinoa to use through the week.

Wish me luck! I have a friend that is joining me in the adventure. We live 1,000miles apart so texting will be our form of communication and motivation for one another.

This was taken after my 2.38mile run tonight. My awesome friend Dana gave me the headband. 🙂 It reads “I thought they said Rum!”


6 thoughts on “The Vegetarian Experiment

    • I will. The likely hood that I will even attempt to eat tofu is slim to none. After I posted last night I remembered that quinoa is protein packed. I’ll eat that instead. 😉

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