5 lines

My friend Lesa invited me to join in a  “blog everyday for the month of may” challenge. I’m already challenging myself to eat vegetarian for 6 weeks, workout in some form at least 6 days a week, and to avoid sugar unless it is considered a clean sweetener. Why not add a blogging challenge into the mix?!

I posted earlier today before I knew about the challenge but I want to go ahead and post for today’s topic. Introduce yourself in 5 lines.

I am an extroverted mom of 5 daughters. I totally planned on having 5 girls and I can sell you my secret for only $19.99 plus shipping and handling. 😉 If you ask my family if they thought I would be the one with 5 kids they would all shout NO! I stay home with this crazy brood where we do nothing all day, also known as homeschooling. I love turtles, reading, knitting, avoiding house work, learning new things and I am damn good at Zumba. Whew!



4 thoughts on “5 lines

  1. So much for me following the rules. 😛 I didn’t see the Details option on the calendar I downloaded to my iPad. 😉 No matter… I do my own thing anyway. 🙂

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