Spring is here!!

Finally we have spring! Warm weather with nice breezes and clear skies. Spring is my saving grace when it comes to getting rid of the winter blues that hang on for.ever!! The grumpy uglies(our name for bad moods at our house) get dropped into the freshly turned soil that is being prepped for this years garden. I stop taking my Vitamin D supplement because there is plenty of sunshine to bask in. We have meals outside and there are late night trips to the park to enjoy running around until the sun says goodnight. Wednesday night hiking with two of my best friends. Spring is also a time when I see things that remind me of my dad. He loved red bud trees and dogwoods. They are in full bloom right now. Driving out to a customers house these past two days I see them everywhere and think of him. His birthday is coming up. He would have turned 63 this year. Today I laid down in the grass for just a minute to capture this picture of our customer’s red bud tree. It is so pretty right now. I know he would agree. 🙂


ImageThank you Spring for showing up. You are beautiful this year!


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