A Day in the Life

Today’s blog post is a chance to share what a day of my life is like. I was hesitant to share today because it wasn’t anything all the interesting. Then I realized that that was a stupid thought. Life is what it is. On any given day it can be exciting, mundane, hard, easy, sad, joyful etc. The point is I was able to experience this day and all that it brought, exciting or not.

We do not have a schedule here. There is a hint of a routine but it isn’t hard core. I had a craptastic night of sleep. I was awake at 2am for the second night in a row. I had fully expected to crash hard and sleep long last night since I had worked hard moving and spreading mulch. Apparently my body had other ideas. So I watched a movie expecting to fall asleep. Nope. Fitful sleep from 3:30am until my kids started getting up was all I received. I knew it was going to make for a long day.

Fast forward to the youngest three all getting up between 8:30 and 9am. Of course when they wake up they want food. So I took my zombie self into the gigantic mess of a kitchen and began searching for anything clean I could put cereal in because no one wanted toast, which is easily placed on a napkin.

We watched a couple of episodes of My Little Ponies while we ate. Nothing like Pinky Pie and Apple Jack to get yo morning going. It was half way through the second episode that I realized I hadn’t had any coffee. I head to the coffee station to find AN EMPTY COFFEE CAN!!!! How did that happen??!!! I find some decaf which is pointless but by now I am trying to convince myself that the minute amount of caffeine in decaf might actually help me. Yeah, I was that sleep deprived.

Coffee in hand I climb the 16 flights of stairs to my bedroom to find clothes that I can wear in public. The girls are now intently playing princesses with their dolls and asking me if it is time to go grocery shopping. I usually try to go grocery shopping on my own. Not because my kids are horrible at the store. I just develop ADD when they are grocery shopping with me and it is not a pretty sight. So here I am getting ready to go grocery shopping with my 8,6 and 4 year old on prettying zero sleep and no caffeine. Can you tell where this is going? We made it to Walmart, hit 3 aisles and I waved the white flag. Seriously. I felt like I was hung over but I can promise you there was none of the fun that comes before the hang over.

Back in the van I make an executive decision. I am treating the girls to McDonald’s (don’t hate) and then I am going to go to Starbucks and get some coffee. If I am going to make it through the day I have to have something because no, I didn’t remember to buy a can if coffee while at Walmart.

Get through the drive through after a 15 min wait. Drive over to the light so I can get back on the road easily. Promptly find myself in the WRONG lane. Really?? All I want is coffee!!!! I wave the white flag again and just head home.

Back home lunch is served and we put on Tangled. By this time my teens are both up so I ask if I can try to get a nap in since I have no caffeine. This fog is thick. Nap is attempted and promptly interrupted by a 4yo who has decided that my bathroom is her favorite and later by an 8yo who upon finding my door locked thought knocking would be a good idea. So no nap.

While I was attempting my nap the younger set were busy crafting downstairs. They have been watching YouTube videos to learn how to make things for their Barbie dolls and their regular dolls.


You are totally jealous that you don’t get to clean that mess up aren’t you. 😉

Since my nap was a failure I have decided I am getting coffee when I take our oldest to work. I have a two hour Zumba party later and I cannot be a zombie.

Behold the elixir of life!!!


After the caffeine has kicked in I am feeling less zombie-ish. I come home to find that the little girls have decided they want to save money to buy monster high dolls. So they have made some dolls from Popsicle sticks and scrapbook paper. I bought them all for .50 each. The looks on their faces were the best part of my day with them. They asked to do odd jobs around the house to add to what they already had saved. I helped them count what they have so far. We counted by 10s, talked about how 1/4 is one of 4 parts, money value, names of coins etc.




After all if that I made supper. By this time my husband is home. He takes over kitchen duty and I get ready for my Zumba party. It was a blast!!! Great times with some great friends.


After Zumba I came home to shower and head out to grocery shop with my 14yo. Back home to unload and put groceries away, kiss kids goodnight, and start this blog post.

I didn’t get this published before midnight but better late than never. I would offer a prize if you have made it this far but I don’t have anything! 😉 I am off to try to sleep. Maybe tonight will give me at least 5 solid hours.


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