Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is becoming a bigger part of my life everyday. If you were reading here last week you may have seen my mention of a 6 week vegetarian challenge I have started.

Today is day seven of that challenge and so far I feel great and I have lost 5lbs! I don’t find myself feeling hungry all the time. I still eat 5-6 small meals a day. Sometimes I don’t break them down quite that often, say on busy days, as an example. Yesterday we grilled hot dogs(that my family ate) and I made stuffed portobello mushrooms marinated in balsamic vinegar with an eggplant and roasted red pepper “stuffing”. Yum!

I am also aiming for exercising six days a week. I got five in this week. Today I am proud to say I ran 3.59 miles!!!! My last run was 2.38 miles. It felt awesome. One of my exercise days is my Tuesday night Zumba class. I love this class. Our instructor is awesome. Wednesday I hike with two of my best friends. I skipped Thursday this week but it is usually my leg day for weights. I had a two hour Zumba party Friday. That was a lot of fun. Saturday I did yard work but it wasn’t intense so I called it a rest day. Tomorrow I am going to try a cycling class with my oldest daughter. I think it will be fun.

My other health goal is to eat 80% clean. Clean meaning no HFCS or white sugar. I would have to say this past week was more along the lines of 90% clean. I gave up pop which is a big deal. I use clean sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. I try not to eat  much that is processed. No chips, very few crackers, no ice cream. Cake is harder to say no to. I keep it as an option for my 20%. 😉

My goal is to be fit and healthy by 40. I have one year and six months. Goal weight, consistent working out, running races, long hikes, etc. Clean eating as second nature. Just wellness over all. A good example for my girls.

I have a running quote app that posts a quote from a runner every day. Yesterday’s quote has been my favorite so far.

“Find your limits and exceed them.”
Lynn Strickland

I did that today and it was an exhilarating feeling. I am strong, I am strong!!! And so are you! 🙂

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