Today’s blog everyday in May post is about pets. We have two Maizie and Jasmine. We adopted Maizie from a rescue and she is our chicken dog. She is afraid of a lot of things. I wanted a companion that I could go on walks with but that is NOT happening. If we are walking she tries to chase the cars that are coming at us and cowers in fear of the ones that come from behind. She is also a runner if she gets out of the house. I have used many a cuss word when having to chase her down in the neighborhood. It’s been a year since her last break out. I’m hoping we keep that up. She has typical lab traits…she thinks she is a lap dog. If you somehow convince her that she isn’t, she must at least be touching you while she is lying next to you. She is a fan of co-sleeping, kissing kids on the face, and wooden anything. Despite her flaws she is actually a sweet dog.

Then there is our cat Jasmine. She showed up in our garage as a runt kitten, likely abandoned by her mama. She was slightly ferrel when the oldest two girls rescued her from our mess of a garage. She calmed down quickly and litter boxed trained in rapid fashion. Unfortunately she arrived during the time when I had three children ages 4 and under. I think she spent a lot of time hiding, and running, and hiding some more, just to escape all the “love” the littles wanted to give her.  A few years have gone by and she is older and so are the little girls so she will actually let them touch her. Like most cats she is the queen and  you are the peasant. She meows at my door early every morning wanting to be let out. We have a routine. She goes out, I freshen her food and water, I sit down, she decides she wants back in. Cat to the max. 😉



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