Favorite Social Media Site

Today’s topic for BEDM is your favorite social media site. I use Facebook everyday but I can’t say that it is my favorite. I recently just finished a 30 day break from the site. I like that it lets me stay connected with online friends and with my family that all live out of state. I can easily share pictures with grandparents or uncles and aunts. However, it can generate a lot of negativity and I have reached my bull shit limit. So, I made groups, fine tuned some of the friendships, unliked pages, and deleted a lot of people. I like my news feed now, minus all the suggested “like” pages.  I am working to keep it positive and that includes being more careful about the things I share. I have enough drama and crazy in my life without diving into all that shows up on Facebook. I do crazy well on my own! 😉



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