Random Boring Entry

I wish I could say that great and exciting things have been happening since my last entry. Alas, this is not the case. Just the ordinary things of life have been going on. I also wish I could say that I feel like being witty and cute but I really don’t. So my apologies for the boring post.

For a little while last year I was only home schooling three of our five daughters. Our oldest finished last year in March and our second daughter decided she wanted to try out public school. Here in our state you have to enter as a freshman because they will not accept your home school work past 8th grade. She was enrolled effortlessly and finished up for Christmas break with As and Bs. She enjoyed her world history class, liked what she learned in her English class but wasn’t too thrilled with her other classes. She was also not happy with the politics of the system. Since it is her story, I will not share here. I will say that I am proud of her for going, for working hard and for deciding what is best for her. We stayed out of it. She knew she could come any time or stay until she graduated. Now that she is home she is focused on researching careers she thinks she may be interested in. 

Our oldest started college last month. It’s rather strange to think she is old enough for college. She is also working part time and finally licensed and driving! I now have someone that can run to the store for me. That is if she is awake or actually at home. 😉

The younger three are growing, learning, and living and loving life as all 9,7, and 5 year olds should. They are all very caught up in Monster High and shopping for new dolls to add to their collection. They love to watch you tube videos on how to make things for their dolls. This means there are a lot of card board boxes cut to pieces all over my house. 😉

I’ve been working to organize my week so I can work to get things listed in my shop. It has proven harder to get going than I had hoped. I think I finally have my sewing organized so I can actually follow a routine. Hopefully having scheduled days to work in the shop will actually result in my having more to list. I’m not looking to make a lot of money but I would like to make enough to fund our crafting or book budget.

Let’s see, what else. I am working to get back to the gym more frequently. I have three Zumba classes during the week but I would like to add some weight lifting into my routine. If this weather would quit being so crazy I could actually get safely to the gym more often. Our county does not do a great job of plowing our road and I just don’t drive on ice. 

Finally, I came across a pin on Pinterest today about art journals. I have seen plenty of pictures of art journals on Pinterest and have even pinned some info on how to make them with kids. The pin today gave you a good list of free art journal courses. You can find the link here. I chose the first one, Art Journaling 101. I am signed up and ready for my first email. I shared it on facebook and a few of my friends there have signed up as well. I’m looking forward to jumping into this. I am a craft oriented person, good at following a pattern etc. I lack artistic skills. The kind that seem to just flow out of people and fall onto a page looking like a great artist had been there. I am so not one of those people. I just feel a need to expand journaling to a new level. I think art journaling will be the thing to fulfill that need. 

Ok. I am off to watch some Netflix and knit. I have a cowl on the needles right now. I am stash busting. I happen to be using a surprisingly nice acrylic(yarn snobs look away) in a golden yellow color. It will pair nicely with a lot of different colored shirts. It isn’t a big one, so I think it will be light enough to wear all the way into spring.


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